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Weh island : Travel on the most western island of Indonesia archipelago

Weh Island is a small volcanic island located in the northwest of the island of Sumatra. The island was once connected with the island of Sumatra, but then separated by the sea after the last volcanic eruption in the Pleistocene era. The island is located in the Andaman Sea. The largest city in Pulau Weh, Sabang, is the most western city located in Indonesia. Embraced by vivid and healthy coral reefs, Weh Island is naturally untouched despite its small size and convenient access.It is another garden often forgotten. Its location is at the westernmost island of the Indonesian archipelago.

Situated at the entrance way of the Malacca Strait, the island is commonly a sea passage and a jewel for many yachts and cruise ships to visit and see. Beaches around the island are lined with a wonderful mixture of tall palms and massive hardwood trees. Crystal clear waters surround the island and are filled with beautiful coral gardens. Pulau Weh hosts an incredible range of marine life with more than 600 species of fish, making the island a nature lovers dream location.This island is a truly breathtaking example of a tropical island paradise. Unquestionably an island with outstanding natural beauty, it hosts a range of stunning sceneries both above and below the ocean. A gateway you can always remember as an Eden.

The island is famous for its ecosystem. Government of Indonesia has established the region as far as 60 km ² of the island edges either inside or outside as nature reserves. Sharks big mouth can be found on the coast of this island. In addition, this island is the only habitat of threatened status of frogs, Bufo valhallae (genus Bufo). Come and enjoy a swing on a shady hammock by the high tide hut in an island that many divers call it the unparalleled underwater universe. Although it is a small island, it gives you the sea experience and waterfall up in the rain forest as well. You'll find many delightful sea creatures such as manta rays, sharks, whales, dolphins, turtles and other beautiful marine animals , it can easily be found in waters around the city of Sabang.

Experienced divers and dive instructors ready to guide the tourists to enjoy the variety beauty of dive sites like the fabled Sea Garden in Rubiah Island. At the end of the island of Weh, there is a monument, namely monument Kilometer Zero. This monument is a starting point the calculation of total area of Indonesia from Sabang to Merouke. The distance from the Sabang city center, approximately 15 miles, by land route. On the way to Monument Kilometer Zero, we will pass Gapang Coast, beaches and coastal or island Iboih Rubiah.

For information on Sabang, it have 3 favorite places:
1. Iboih
-nice sea-view
-there are dive centers

2. Gapang
-nice sea-view
-long white-sand beach
-there are dive centers

3.Sumur tiga
-nice sea-view
-close to town
-no dive center
-long white sand beach

How to get there

To reach weh island, you have to reach the city of Banda Aceh in advance. Following from Banda Aceh, you can continue your journey to the weh island by water transportation. There are two main routes to get the city of Banda Aceh which are from Medan or flights direct from Kuala Lumpur ( Malaysia ).

Medan or Kuala Lumpur – Banda Aceh – Pulau Weh
Air Asia fly direct from Kuala Lumpur to Banda Aceh. From March 27th 2011 the flights will leave Kuala Lumpur on Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun at 12.15, arriving here at 12.40 local time.

From Medan to Banda Aceh ther are three airlines fly between Medan and Banda Aceh. Besides Garuda Indonesia there are two Low Cost Carriers: Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air.
The only way to go to Pulau Weh is by sea. There is a nice car ferry and two fast passenger ferries plying the route between Ulee Lhe in Banda Aceh and Balohan on Pulau Weh. From the airport of Banda Aceh to Ulee Lheu Harbour ask for “labi-labi” or taxi, bargain for the price , or you can also go to the center of Banda Aceh before you go on to Pulau Weh.

Sabang is the port town on Pulau Weh , the fast boat takes 45-60 minutes and leaves from Ulee Lheue in the morning at 09.00 and afternoon at 16.00. One way is Rp 55.000 – Rp 80.000 depending on class. The slow ferry takes 1.5-2 hours and departs from Ulee Lheue at 13.00 – 14.00. On Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 11.00 and 16.00. Price is Rp 18.000 one way.

Minibuses are waiting in Balohan where the ferry arrives. Local fare to Sabang town is Rp. 15.000 in a packed minibus; however tourists are often charged Rp. 20.000, supposedly in a less packed minibus. Add Rp. 5-10.000 if you continue go to Sumur Tiga Beach. To Gapang and Iboih they charge Rp. 50.000, but they need a minimum of 3 passengers.

Motorized becak are available in Sabang. Min. Rp. 5.000 per ride. Market to Iemeulee is app. Rp. 10.000. To Sumur Tiga maybe 15.000. You now also find becak taking passengers all over Pulau Weh. The prices need to be bargained. Can be a very pleasant alternative to the minibuses. You need to bargain on the prices.

To rent a motorbike is Rp. 80-100.000/day depending on type. A bicycle is Rp. 50.000/day.

Where to stay 

1. Lumba - Lumba Diving hotel
Lumba Lumba Living Rooms are spacious duplex cottages next to the dive shop on Gapang Beach equipped with comfortable beds, fans and a verandah facing the beach. There are a few local restaurants close by, offering Indonesian and simple western food. The area is off the beaten track and part of the adventure is getting there. The resort offers world class diving all year round. It is here that the Andaman Sea meets the Indian Ocean and a vast variety of marine life is found, from tiny critters on the house reef to impressive pelagics swimming in the fast currents sweeping through several nearby dive sites - a photographer's dream. Experienced deep divers will enjoy the thrill of the WWll wreck, Sophie Rickmers. Two guided boat dives are offered on the custom built boats each day except Friday morning due to local traditions

2. Iboih inn
Iboih Inn Aceh is a 1-star hotel located in Pulau Weh, Sabang, Aceh, with rooms equipped with air conditioning, television LCD / plasma screen, satellite / cable, separate shower and tub, jacuzzi tub, balcony / terrace, kitchenette , in-room video games, fan, private pool, daily newspaper, in-room safety box, refrigerator, desk, washing machine, microwave, mini bar, ironing follows ironing board, coffee / tea, DVD player / CD, and hair dryer

Fortunatelly , i've got this free ebook for this island , feel free to download this reviews book. Hopefully this book can help you more over to know about weh island on the things in it .(just click in book images to read or download) Happy reading :)


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