Sunday, 9 October 2011

Tips for the first time travelers

Doing a self-tour, quite enjoyable, especially trips to new places you go for the first time, there are times when some trouble comes without the suspect . Before your going to travel there are a few tips you should consider before you decide to make solo traveling.

1.Prepare yourself for a safety trip as you check your passport and your credit cards.

2.Don’t take any trips, if you have medical issues and you didn’t consult with your doctor. If you are choosing to travel with an agency, make sure you are researching more info about the agency..

3.The travel insurance is a must have, no matter where are you going. Booking a hotel can be an issue too, because if you are doing it online, you should find a hotel with a good reputation. Traveling in another country is a challenge, but checks well the hotels and the destinations.

4. The first time travelers should avoid dangerous destinations. Don’t turn your back on a travel guide book. It’s your first time as a traveler; therefore the guidebook is very necessary.

5.Ticket booking Flying can be problematic, if you didn’t choose well your flying company. If you are flying on a budget, choose low-cost carriers.
If you are using a travel agent, he is the one who should book a low-cost or discount flying companies. Don’t ignore the advantages of the package deals.

6.There are many affordable package deals that include air, hotel, sightseeing’s and shows. In case you are planning your trip at least two months before, you will get great discounts.The last minute packages are very affordable, but they require ready documents and medical insurance.

7. Travelling outside of the country is charming, but you need to get all the info about the destination you are going to visit.In case you are heading to Europe, you need to know that some countries require Visa, otherwise you can’t enter them.

8.The general advice for first time travelers in another country is to choose a country, in which there is an American embassy. Don’t start your trip before taking the numbers of the embassy. The local police numbers are important too. In Europe the number is 112, but if you are traveling in some exotic place you really need to find out the number of the police services. Don’t fly without having the numbers of your hotel and the flying company.

9.Taking a taxi in some country may be a dangerous experience, especially if you don’t know the language. Therefore, try to travel with the public transport in the country. This way your trip will be even cheaper.

10.Maintaining your health during your holiday its a major , be safe and health, that's your priority according to get the perfect holiday.


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