Saturday, 22 October 2011

Tips for keeping your comfort while on flights

Air travel, for beginners, may seem troublesome and frustrating because of a series of procedures that must be passed by every prospective passenger. But, all this could be overcome by doing a few tips below.

First, came the 1.5 hours early for domestic flights, or 2 hours to foreign countries, prior to departure time. For those of you who will be abroad, make sure carry travel documents, such as, passport, visa, TIN card, or successor document.

Second, prior to check in, make sure the bag to be carried into the cabin is "free" of banned items, such as scissors and cutter. If possible, immediately move the object into the bag to be inserted into the trunk.

Third, turn off the phone, just to the plane or when you are still in the waiting room.

Fourth, no need to rush the time of entry into the cabin. Sit in a chair in accordance with the number on your boarding pass and put the bag in the luggage space above, under the seat or other places recommended by the cabin crew.

Fifth, sit comfortably and wear your seat belt properly. If confused, please follow the instructions of cabin crew or the instructions on the card explanation in front of the chair. If necessary, ask the cabin crew.

Sixth, the difference in air pressure on land and air can make sense of our hearing impaired. Chewing gum while the plane is taking off can help to normalize the pressure on the eardrum.

Seventh, when no chewing gum, you can try another way, namely by covering your nose and mouth with a finger, then blow air out of the nose. In addition during takeoff , the above trickits only you can do when the plane nearly to be landing. On international flights, usually you will get the earphones to listen to music and movies. Take advantage of it with a good tool to add to your comfort while in flight.

Eighth, if your trip lasts more than 3 hours, release the shoe from your foot ,let your leg muscles to relax. Do not be too eager to enjoy the entertainment facilities in the plane. Remember, your body requires rest or sleep.

Ninth, after the plane landed, should remain quietly seated until the plane actually stop and you are allowed off the plane. No need to rush toward the exit. Remember, you will not be taken back by plane!

Tenth, make sure all of your belongings have nothing left when leaving the airplane seat.


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