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Lembeh Straits : Travel your amazing dive with unique Nudibranch

Nudibranch derived from the Latin nudus meaning naked, and the Greek meaning brankhia gills. In Wikipedia explained that, nudibranchs have a head with tentacles, which are very sensitive to touch, taste, and smell. Rhinophore shaped like a bat serves to detect the smell (nose).They are hermaphroditic animals, but rarely do the fertilization itself. Nudibranchs are carnivores. Some eat sponges, others hydroida, or bryozoans, and some cannibals, eating other aquatic snails. Body shape varies. The size ranges from 40 to 600 mm.

Little of this by the experts of zoology classified in the phylum class members gastropod molluscs. As the name of its class, the animal is walking with his stomach (gastro = stomach, podos = foot) soft body, and movement is very slow (called also snail), probably because that creature is endowed with the gift of the colors are very diverse and beautiful as a form of camouflage / camouflage to avoid the attack of a predator.

One place which is provide the full of beauty of nudibranch, located on the east coast of North Sulawesi, precisely in Lembeh Strait. With a latitude of 1.46 (1° 27' 18 N) and a longitude of 125.23 (125° 13' 39 E), is a hydrographic (strait) located in Indonesia that is a part of Asia and offers the best 'macro diving' on earth! Lembeh Strait is a narrow waters (strait) which separates the mainland in the island of Sulawesi with Lembeh Island. For divers interested in the weird and wonderful, the Lembeh Strait is the jewel in the Asian crown. The overall morphology of the land that stretches along both sides of this form Lembeh Strait a memorable dramatic natural scenery. Along the waters of Lembeh Strait, there are small islands uninhabited limestone structure which fragile and lifted to the surface.

Lembeh Strait does not have reefs look alike whats in Bunaken had, however, this strait is full of little animals are very special and very much a new kind of small animals found in this Lembeh strait. So it is no wonder that so many foreign tourists in droves to Lembeh to dive in this strait. The waters is famous for fascinating diversity of invertebrates, especially from echinoderms group. The uniqueness and beauty, colorful flora and fauna, as well as charm, will surely make you fall in love with the Lembeh Strait. With over 180 species of fish already listed in just one small area in the bay, this is the world's finest diving destination for anyone with a serious interest in marine creatures, and already attracts marine biologists, photographers and authors. The uniqueness and diversity of marine flora and fauna in this Lembeh Strait is never been forgotten.

How to get there

There are frequent air services from Singapore, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Makassar and Balikpapan to go to Manado. After you reach down in Manado city , to go to Lembeh straits, you have to travel overland along the ± 45 kilometers by public transportation using a bus or taxi from Manado to Bitung . Arriving at Bitung, proceed in sea crossings by motorboats ± 15 minutes from the sea port of Bitung. The crossing is relatively very safe because the sea was blocked by the island of Lembeh so that surface water was relatively calm.

Where to stay

1. Lembeh Hills Resort

Lembeh Resort offers comfortable and spacious accommodations for visitors in an idyllic location overlooking Lembeh Strait while the diving operations are run by Murex, who are the pioneers of Bunaken, Bangka and liveaboard diving in North Sulawesi, servicing divers out of Manado for over 15 years. In keeping with their tradition of taking the lead, the dive operations will offer NITROX to discerning divers in order to maximize the level of safety and enjoyment for the long shallow dives of discovery that the strait is famous for. For a truly exceptional experience in a relaxed and professional atmosphere, Lembeh Resort is the obvious choice.

2. Kungkungan Bay Resort

In harmony with the surrounding nature, Kungkungan Bay Resort, or just 'KBR' to its many fans, is built on a former coconut plantation. Kungkungan faces the Lembeh Strait and guests dining in the over-the-water restaurant have an unfettered view of this unique and peaceful setting. Facilities at KBR include a private jetty with camera rinse tanks and hot showers, swimming pool with swim-up bar, lounge, internet access and lending library. Restaurant service is available 24-hours of every day. In April 2009 the resort's facilities will be enhanced with the opening of a health spa to cater to your every need from traditional massage to coiffeur treatments or sauna.

3. Bastianos Lembeh resort

Bastianos Lembeh is a small resort on Lembeh Island in the middle of the strait, 50 km from Manado. There are only 14 rooms and cottages so there ware never large hordes of divers here. The resort is run by Serge, a friendly and avid German diver/underwater photographer who likes to dive with the guests as often as possible.The resort is very reasonably priced at the lower end of the budget scale but yet it has surprisingly good facilities for such a modest price rate. The first feature to strike you at the resort will be the elevated swimming pool and large modern open-air common room. The pool has sun beds with superb views over the strait. The common room serves as a social lounge area as well as the dining area. There is a satellite TV and DVD player, a pool table, fish ID book library, and free wi-fi internet (throughout the resort).Bastianos Lembeh Resort also features a spa room. The facility is open daily and provides various massage services - Shiatsu and reflexology.


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