Sunday, 2 October 2011

5 Places with a superb mount to rock climbing

IF you are nature lovers and fans of rock climbing, mountain region will always be a great magnet for pumping up your adrenalin. To satisfy your desires, we present the five mountains that can become a target of the upcoming holidays.

1. Meteora, Greece
This area became the construction of the Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Kalambaka, Greece after Mount Athos. Situated between the River Peneios and Pindus mountains, the monasteries has a series of spectacular rock pillars and natural sandstone in the background. UNESCO World Heritage site has become a shelter for about six monasteries. Besides enjoying the beauty of monasteries and towering rocks, this area is perfect for lovers of natural rock wall with the texture of the rock is quite complicated.

2. Dead Horse Point, Utah, United States
Located next to the Colorado River in Canyonlands National Park, this mountain has some of the most interesting topographical features. Sudden drop from the highlands on three sides create a narrow strip of land. This place will present a challenge for you lovers of sport climbing wall. One challenge you may face is that excessive dryness so that your thirst will be quickly felt.

3. Spider Rock, Ariz.
Spider Rock is a monolith of red sandstone-high 244 yards amazing. You can climb this monolith in Canyon de Chelly National Park, Arizona. Spider Rock stands more than 230 million years ago through the concretization of a layer of sand deposited by wind. The name of this monolith obtained from Navajo legends, spider women, who allegedly made this monolith as his home. He was awarded the position of savior and respected by Dine as a god. Giant monolith towering This will always offer the tension in every step you take .

4. Shiprock, New Mexico
Shiprock was formed by volcanic eruptions 30 million years ago. When doing the climb to the top, you can see a series of volcanic vents. Some contain beautiful examples of magma that harden in the air. The locals call it Tse Bitai which means stone wings. Even if you do not want to rise to the top of this rock, you can see the central part of Shiprock from several miles away because it has a diameter of 500 meters and a height of 600 meters. Area extinct volcano that covers nearly 20,000 square kilometers.

5. Agulha do Diabo, Brazil
It is located only 92 kilometers, or can be taken approximately an hour's drive from Rio de Janeiro. Peak 2050 meter-high stone tower is located in National Park Serra dos Orgaos. This stone tower is not easily conquered even by professional mountain climbers. Many obstacles will be found to reach its peak. On reaching the top of all the barriers that previously blocked you will be quickly forgotten when a very beautiful scenery unfold before you. The specialty of this mountain is the presence of a hidden part of the tower blocks of stone and rocks that extends more than two thousand meters. The first successful ascent attempt, made in 1940.


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