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Bidadari island : One of thousand island gems

Jakarta is known as super busy city , various activities and events can persist for 24 hours. Congestion in Jakarta has become the norm for most citizens of the republic's capital of Indonesia. This certainly makes some residents feel stress. Many ways you can do to release the stress that may interfere your lifestyle. One way to relieve stress is going to vacation. No harm if your vacation this time, visiting Bidadari island in the archipelago thousand island, the island which offers beautiful beaches and cozy atmosphere away from crowds and congestion. Bidadari Island is located in the northern city of Jakarta, can be accessed via the dock at the marina beach, Ancol Dreamland. Because of its location adjacent to Jakarta, many visitors who come just a day trip or not staying , better known as the One Day Tour.

Bidadari island
Thousand islands located in the Java Sea and the Bay of Jakarta is a region with the characteristics and potential of a different nature to other areas of Jakarta. Because this region is basically a group of coral islands are formed and shaped by the biota of coral and associated biota (algae, malusho, foraminifera, etc.) with the help of the dynamic processes of nature. Bidadari Island's geographical area is 106 degrees east longitude 44.8 (BT) and 6 degrees south latitude 02.2 (LS), among clusters Onrust Island, Island Khayangan, Kelor Island and Pulau Ayer.

This includes the island of Java Village Luckily, Southern District Thousand Islands Thousand Islands and the District Administration. Bidadari Island has an advantage compared with other islands, which is more than 60 percent of the island consists of rare plants like the billowing trees, the tree of peace (baringtonia exelsa), ebony tree (Diospyros maritama), tree sentigi (pempis acidula), tree glodokan , some fruit trees, and mangrove forests are preserved and properly maintained.

There are also historic relics of the Dutch colonial era are the main attraction at Bidadari Island. There is a VOC forts, built 200 years ago. Martello fort its name, is a fortress built to protect the Onrust island which is a VOC shipyard, from the onslaught of English. With a diameter of about 23 meters, the fort was surrounded by many windows that serve as scouts booth. According to the story, the visible part of this is the top of the fort. While the bottom of the fort has been buried. because until now still have not found the door to enter the fort. To enter into this fort is via stairs. And after going through the steps leading to the castle, you will see a panorama of destruction that still reflects the grandeur. Besides, there is a type with Martello fort which lies north of Bidadari Island. Can be reached by boat approximately ten minutes.

Bidadari Island has a resort which placed at above the sea , known as floating cottages . Cottage is a house on stilts above the water like a fishing village. Accommodations in Bidadari Island is not like a hotel, but a special cottage buildings with typical ethnic Manado cottage , and should float fishing settlement with a wonderful view. In addition there are also cottages on land which consists of two models namely the stage model and not the stage. Cottage stage model designed similar to the Minahasa traditional house. Bidadari Island has 46 cottages consisting of 23 units of deluxe type, 17 types of family units and 6 units of type suite.

On the beach there are a number of marquee for a sit back and relax or just lying relieve fatigue and enjoy the cool coastal breeze. Bidadari Island Resort also has a garden under the shade of the trees so no need to worry about swelter. Not only just that, in Bidadari island you can also try to play ATVs, banana boat, jet sky or canoe.

More exciting again, you can also do outbound activities in this place. Played around in Bidadari island, you can try to cross to the island Cipir, Onrust and Kelor by renting boats for Rp 50.000, - per person. Completion of the various activities you choose, better you try to taking a break on the beach. Enjoy fresh coconut ice while waiting for the sunset that was really cool and love to pass.

Going to Bidadari Island

Just come to Marina Ancol beach exactly at Pier 17. There, you just buy a boat ticket, then choose a destination, wait a minute and leave. One service provided is to sail to Bidadari Island, one of the Thousand Islands cluster that is closest to Jakarta. Towards this nymph of the island can be reached within 30 minutes by boat. Route Marina - P. Angel is available every day, where the departure of the ship at nine in the morning and return at three in the afternoon. If a holiday or Saturday & Sunday the ship remain departed at nine in the morning, but at the return to two times, at two o'clock and four o'clock in the afternoon. Ticket prices are also different, ordinary day is Rp 160.000, - per person while the holiday is Rp 200,000 / person. In addition to a return ticket and go, ticket price includes welcome drink and lunch at Bidadari island restaurant


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