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Health advice for travelers

Vaccinations and Precautions
Visitors from temperate climates should be aware of tropical health considerations. A thorough medical check makes good sense, followed by a blood and stool test when you return. Travellers to Southeast Asia should be up to date with vaccinations against polio, tetanus and diphteria. You may wish to consider a hepatitis A shot. The risk of contracting malaria is low in most parts of North Sulawesi but considerably higher in Sangihe Talaud. Malaria prophylaxis is highly recommended if you are traveling to Central Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, Timor or Irian Jaya. Do not neglect minor cuts and scratches in the tropics. Disinfect and treat any broken skin.

Dengue fever is a relatively common problem in Indonesia. Rarely fatal in fit adults it requires considerable time for convalescence. The mosquito transmitting dengue feeds during the day, so use a good insect repellent (reapply after swimming or sweating). Sleep in a screened area or under mosquito nets and wear protective clothing when possible. Protecting yourself against insect bites will also help to prevent malaria and other diseases carried by insects.

A typhoid vaccination is recommended because of the presence of S. Typhi strains resistant to multiple antibiotics in Indonesia.

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required if you are coming from a country in tropical South America or sub-Saharan Africa. (There is no risk for yellow fever in Southeast Asia.)

See your doctor at least 4-6 weeks before your trip to allow time for shots to take effect.

For more details about health precautions majoring US traveler where want to going to indonesia , you can visit this site :
USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( )   


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