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Belitung : Discover the beauty of LENGKUAS ISLAND

Tracing the beauty of the Indonesia Archipelago will never run out of words to be disclosed, one of which is given by the beauty of small islands that are part of the Indonesian state. Just said one of them "Lengkuas Island" (Galangal: english), an island located in the north of Cape Coast Kelayang, sub Sijuk, Belitung regency.The Beauty of Lengkuas island , did not like the other islands that have been visited by many foreign and domestic tourists such as the island of Gili Nanggu in Lombok, or group of islands of Wakatobi (Wangi wangi, Kaledupa, Tomio, Binongko) located in territorial waters suawesi. But this island will served the best beauty panoramic of beach and island , it is worth to take your thumb's up .

The island is a small island, has an area of ​​no more than 1 hectare. Although this is a small island , this island has many features and uniqueness that you can not possibly spend it all in one day. Many of the uniqueness of the island contained in this island, one of which is high lighthouse was classified as an old tower. The lighthouse was built in 1882 during Dutch colonial rule. White in color and has a total of 18 floors with a height level reaches 50 meters.

Stunning scenery will come to you, when you sit on the lighthouse , at an altitude of 50-meter , see the sky line that seemed to unite heaven and earth, seeing the horizon Karimata Strait, Natuna Strait and several small islands that surrounding to the island of Belitung, an attraction the beauty of its own that would be obtained by anyone after the top of lighthouse stairs.

In addition, there is a giant granite rocks around the island any more and spoil the eye of tourists who were there, crystal clear seawater which had depth off only about 1.5 meter , making spreads the charming of this little island. So that the tourists who visit to the Lengkuas island can be seen with obviously chasing fish on the seabed. And usually the visitors come to snorkel around the region.

How to get there :

Flights from Jakarta to Belitung there are only Batavia and Sriwijaya Airlines, Sriwijaya airlines have scheduled more flights than Batavia. Departs from Jakarta at a price of plus minus 725,000 rupiah with only return ticket for one person. Flight Jakarta-Belitung it takes 45 minutes to an hour , and up in Belitung, precisely at the Airport H. A.S.. Hanandjoedin Tanjung pandan, then towards to the village of Tanjung Binga to cross to Lengkuas island . Tanjung Binga village located about 30 km from the town of Tanjung Pandan and can be reached within 20 minutes. Tanjung Binga itself is a coastal fishing village area filled with fishing boats. But do not imagine this as a rural fishing village, dirty and messy.

Unlike the fishing village in general, this village looks clean with dikes along the coast where fishing boats lean. Simply hire a boat that is often parked at the Cape of Tanjung Binga and Kelayang, escorted tourists ready whenever they want. Rental costs are relatively cheap, only Rp 350,000-Rp 450,000 tourists both himself and groups will be escorted to the sensation of the beauty of Lengkuas island .

Accommodation and facilities

On this Lengkuas island there is no lodging , but for those of you who are not satisfied to enjoy the beauty of this island in a day, you can stay at Tanjung Tinggi or Tanjung Kelayang. For now, Lengkuas island inhabited by three guards, who served as lighthouse operator and cleaner environment on the island , if you need information about Lengkuas island , do not be shy and afraid to ask them, because they are very friendly and always provide the answers of the questions from the visitors.

Where to stay :

Bukit Berahu Cottages
Desa Tanjung Binga, Sijuk
Tanjung Pandan - Belitung
Telp. (0719) 23633
From the name alone we already know, that this hotel is situated on a hill. Indeed Berahu Hill Located on a hill that has a private beach in the area of ​​Tanjung Binga. A small fishing village which has a beautiful panoramic ocean views. The hotel has five cottages on the beach and two bungalows on the hillside. Equipped retoran facilities on the hill, meeting rooms and a swimming pool.

Lor In Beach Resort
Jl. High Tanjung Sijuk Belitung, Kec. Sijuk
Tanjung Pandan - Belitung
Tel. (0719) 24 100 Fax. (0719) 24 101 087 896 448 877 Call Center
Only 45 minutes from downtown Tanjungpandan, and 45 Minutes from Airport HAS Hananjoeddin Tanjungpandan. Located in the Cape Coast region of Appeal which is the icon of the island of of Belitung. The resort is located right on the beach pinggi with granite rocks and white sand. The resort has 20 cottages consisting of 14 Delux cottages, and 6 Junior Suite Cottage. Equipped with its own pool, restaurant, and meeting rooms. It is suitable for relaxing with family. Web:

Billiton Hotel and Club
Jl. Depati Gegedek 50
Tanjung Pandan - Belitung
Tel. (0719) 22 887 Fax. (0719) 23377
Email: resv.biliton @,
Located in downtown of Tanjungpandan. HAS 20 minutes from the airport. Hanandjoeddin Tanjungpandan, and 5 minutes from the Port Tanjungpandan. Has 24 rooms consisting of 18 standard, 4 Delux, and 2 Suite. The hotel is suitable for businesses and families. Equipped swimming pool, restaurant, meetingroom, and close to shopping of Belitung.


1. Better to pending your planning to go to Lengkuas Islands of the month from November to March, because the weather there was rain and strong sea breezes.
2. Bringing everything all you need from home, such as medicine or food because there are a small town so some kind of requirement is not too complete.
3. It is recommended to use travel agents because there is no public transportation.
4. obliged to bring snorkeling equipment or the like, as if quite expensive to hire.
5. If the weather is sunny and the wind is not strong, better to go to the Lengkuas island because there the paradise.
6. Seafood at the Tanjung Tinggi prices is more skewed than elsewhere and do not forget to taste the fish Katarap with pineapple flavor.


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