Saturday, 1 October 2011

Some tips on saving before year-end holiday

Get year-end holidays are full of meaning of everyone's dream. To get this successful trip , it takes some planning before your vacation. In a few month later , we entered the year-end holiday period. Do you have choose any vacation destination for end of the year celebration ? If not, now is the time where you are planning to fill the holiday later this year. Here we provide tips , so that you can still get a good holiday with a planned budget.

1. Before you go,decide how long to spend time on vacation and you have to stick to it. Set a daily budget for things like lodging and meal expenses. This will make it easier to keep track of how much has been spent, and how much extra you have to buy something such as souvenirs.

2. You can save money by following more flexibility on the dates. Hotels and resorts often offer deals to fill empty rooms at the last minute when you make a payment delay. Flying at off-peak like Tuesdays and Thursdays often get a lower rate.

3. Spend the money on eating out will be able to make your extravagant. To cut costs, stay in a hotel that has a refrigerator and microwave in the room and need to also make use of hotel facilities for free breakfast.

4. When doing a hotel reservation, always ask the service agent to serve you very special. Also do not forget to mention any membership that you follow, certain institutions such as activists. By mentioning that you follow the general membership can get better service. Let the agent know that you're traveling with children, because many hotels that allow children to play freely in the hotel.

5. If your family is pretty much that it needed two rooms, ask the agent if the hotel provides a special suite for the family. Family suites usually have more room than a bedroom and a lot cheaper than you rent two rooms. Another option is to consider renting an apartment or condo per week for the time you stay longer.

6. Bring your own special baby bed (crib) . Many hotels that charge extra to put the crib in your room, and you may not know that box that is available has been used before. If you are traveling with children under five, consider also to get a room with one king size bed.

7. When traveling, make your lunch more servings. Restaurants usually offer the same food as the dinner menu, but at a lower price. If you're traveling with two preschoolers light eater, just order one meal and divide by two. Or you can also find restaurants that offer kids meals for free with the purchase of food for adults.

8. Fountain drinks and dessert is a dessert at a cost of unnecessarily consumed when eating out. Bring your own special drinks during the trip and share with the little candy. In restaurants, people usually want the extra dessert, if the kids complain, squeeze the fruit lemonade into the water, add a little sweetener (sugar or honey) and you've got instant lemonade.

9. To save on laundry, pack your dirty clothes into a bag the size of a gallon of water and sprinkled powdered detergent from a small plastic bottle, then filled with water and let stand for about 20 minutes. Do rinse in the sink and hang to dry. Do not forget to bring a brush to scrub the stain on your clothes for the spill if it can not wash it off immediately.

10. Audio books are good and cheap can help to spend time when you travel by car. Visit the library near where you live before you go and find some stories for stock options. Preschoolers generally only want to listen, while pre-readers enjoy the pictures in it just by tossing and turning books.


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