Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Safety tips when arriving in the airport of another country

AFTER being in a plane within hours to a vacation to another country, you arrived at the airport in the country. Of course your feelings are very pleased to arrive at your destination safely without any interruption. But most people, when you arrive at the airport in the country of destination, usually becoming vigilant to things around that can make the holidays being worst . Especially if there are strangers who approach you and impress the super-friendly and offer assistance. To stay alert, note the following:

1. Before traveling to another country, find as much information as possible about your destination, mainly in every airport on through your destination, There is alot information you can search on internet.

2. If possible, get a complete map of the airport vehicle, so you know where to move after taking a suitcase in the baggage claim. An easy way, follow the steps that the majority of passengers of a plane with you.

3. If possible, it is recommended to rent a vehicle from the airport or from hotels, especially in some countries.

4. Use a variety of reasons to avoid a taxi service offers a look back and forth in the surrounding airports. It is recommended to choose a taxi service that has long queues. Usually, taxi service like this is official and available near the airport lobby. Never use a taxi that seems just takes you round and round aimlessly. Try to make an offer when you see a row of taxis at the airport.

5. Prepare a small amount of money in your pants or shirt pocket to pay for unexpected expenses, like to buy drinks or pay for the airport administration. Also make sure you have some local currency so you do not need to the money changer at the airport. Spend money in large quantities in the country were clearly not at all safe and appropriate. Keep purse and valuables safely on your property in a locked bag.

6. If you do not find any info related to the airport where you land, ask the airport information to ask for help and guidance on how to reach your destination.

7. Use local languages for simple things, eg thank or say hello. It gives the impression that you already know about the country being visited.


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