Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Free ebook : Bali & Lombok

Frommer's Bali & lombok
Bali is an island so rich in its diversity and spirituality that it simply can’t be described in words alone. Many have tried and wound up with little more than clichés— “Morning of the World,” “Dawn of Civilization,” “Island of the Gods.” This is a land full of mysticism, spirituality, and pleasure and the lucky Balinese live their lives confident in the knowledge that they do so in a form of paradise. Bali consistently wins travel accolades and its high-profile resorts consistently fill the Top 10 of the “Best of . . . ,” “Hot List . . . ,” “Readers’ Choice . . . ,” and all manner of other lists. The island itself, outside of the resort awards, ranks yearly as either the best island destination or one of them, in the same strata as Maui, St. Barts, and Capri. This guidebook can take you as far as the pristine beaches and mountaintop sunrises but only open eyes can catch the magic of Bali, through chance encounters and serendipity. You’ll leave speechless.
Pesented by : Frommer's.
File size : 11Mb
Bali and Lombok


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