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Free ebook : Sa'dan Toraja society (South Sulawesi)

Sa'dan Toraja sociaty (South Sulawesi )
Of Indonesia’s thousands of islands, Sulawesi is among the largest. Unusually complex in its seismic history, its geology, and its biology, it is also culturally diverse. Much as its mysterious shape, its vast central forests and its unique flora and fauna may have excited the imagination of outsiders, large parts of it remained unknown to Europeans until the late nineteenth century. Even its name remains something of an enigma. Although the famously seafaring Bugis of South Sulawesi were undoubtedly acquainted with the hole island, they appear not to have given it a single name, but instead referred to its different parts by the names of kingdoms or the peoples residing in each region. The Portuguese traveller Tomé Pires, in his Suma Oriental (1512-15), mentioned the ‘islands of Macaçar’ (Pelras 1977:228), and was also the first European to use the term ‘Celebes’ in writing, though that name was not used in reference to the whole island until several decades later.

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