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Bandung : World shopper and educational tour in West Java

If you're vacationing on the island of Java, especially West Java, it would be better for you to glance at the city known as the shopping center , Bandung. Flower city which is nothing but another name for the city of Bandung, or more formerly known as the Paris Van Java. As we know, the city of Bandung renowned as a shopping town, with lots of spread of shopping malls and factory autlet in this city. Up until now the city of Bandung is one of the main objectives of tourism and education. Food, clothing, various kinds of cuisine, beautiful natural environment which remains cool raises and the city of Bandung as a tourist destination.

Scattered all reasonable accommodation ranging from hotels to luxury hotels are not hard to get it. Only in the holiday season, the accommodation must be booked well in advance. But the matter of creative work or a wide assortment of culinary fashion typical fixed can easily be enjoyed at any time. In this city there are hundreds of attractions that it was indeed very interesting to visit. Here is a list of some tourist attractions in Bandung city in particular that you must visit during trip to Bandung city.

Cihampleas Walk Regions

Stroll Cihampelas at noon, afternoon and evening will feel different atmosphere. Lights from each outlet and the main building at night to build a different atmosphere. Own parking area located in the basement of the building and the bottom right side of the outside area, so the visitors activities fro the vehicle will not interfere with visitors strolling and relaxing in the shopping and dining.

Shoes and Bags Cibaduyut Center

As the name suggests, along Jalan Cibaduyut Bandung, we can see the shops that line which is dominated by displaying merchandise bags and shoes. If we enter into it, we can find many more. There are clothing including leather jackets, leather bags, carrying bags, wallets, belts, dolls, slippers, and others. The price also varies, ranging from a few hundred thousand up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Sate House Bandung (West Java Governor's Office)

This architect designed buildings Ir J. Berger of Landsgeboundienst, office buildings, construction of the Netherlands government. It takes energy to 2,000 workers. Among the thousands of workers, there are approximately 150 Chinese Konghu or Canton, carpenters and skilled stone carvers in the country. Dutch architect, Dr. Hendrik Petrus Berlage, mention that the Sate House Office Center complex and its design agency in the Netherlands Indies Civil Administration Bandung is a masterpiece. While Coor Passchier and Jan Wittenberg, two Dutch architects inventory of colonial buildings in Bandung, called Sate House as a stunning elegant monumental buildings, and has a unique architectural style, and gigantic.

Sate building itself is actually only a small part, or approximately 5% of the "Central Office Complex Insatansi Civil Government" Dutch East Indies that occupies land area of North Bandung 27,000 square meters. By residents of the past "Gedong Sate" named "Bebe Gedong" which was then more popular with the "Satay House" because at the top of the tower building there is a "skewer" with 6 water guava fruit-shaped ornaments.

Observatorium Boscha

Bosscha is an astronomical laboratory became a pioneering development of astronomy and space science in Indonesia. Continuity of work and responsibility to develop astronomy in Indonesia between generations is an important task performed Bosscha Observatory today. The existence of a bridge observatory open to beinteraksi with the international scientific world through the exchange of knowledge.

Bosscha Observatory gives an important contribution to formal and informal education. The observatory is used as an astronomical laboratory for undergraduate and postgraduate education as well as models of astronomical observatories and museums in the world of architecture and fine arts. In addition, every year tens of thousands of students visit Bosscha Observatory to study the universe through direct interaction with and observation of celestial bodies astronomers using a telescope.

Museum of Asian-African Conference

The building is located on the road Africa Asia was founded by a Dutch architect named Van Galenlast and CO Wolf Shoomaker. This building became very famous since the holding of the Asian-African Conference in 1955, then the Asian-African Student Conference 1956 and the Asian-African Conference of Islam that holds manuscripts and famous of African-Asia.

This building was opened to the public every day and accessible by using the city bus-Cibeureum Cicaheum majors, this museum displays a collection of photographs and three-dimensional items associated with the Asian-African Conference of 1955, the Goods KAA, KAA photos before and after KAA warning, Dasa Sila Bandung, Review Press, Statue figures KAA, a permanent exhibition space, Living hall, Audio visual and library

Saung Angklung Mang Udjo

Saung Angklung Udjo (SAU) is a place of cultural workshop, which is the venue, the center of bamboo crafts, and workshops of bamboo musical instruments. In addition, the SAU has a goal as a laboratory for educational and learning centers maintain Sundanese culture and especially angklung.

Founded in 1966 by Udjo UUM Sumiati Ngalagena and his wife, with a view to preserve and maintain traditional Sundanese arts and culture. Located at Jln. Padasuka 118 East Bandung West Java Indonesia. With the atmosphere of the place of fresh air and surrounded by bamboo trees are beautiful, the interior of bamboo and bamboo crafts to bamboo musical instrument.

Ciwidey White Crater

White Crater Lake has its own characteristics and uniqueness. The water in its crater lake can change color, sometimes colored bluish green apple when the sun and fine weather, sometimes also brown milk. Most commonly seen are white water thick with fog on the surface of the crater. In addition to the white surface of the crater, sand and rocks around it was predominantly white, therefore it is called White crater crater.

For access to the city of Bandung is not too difficult, the city is already available ie Husain Sastranegara airport that is accessible from all cities in Indonesia, or for those of you who use private vehicles, just 2 -3 hours from Jakarta to Bandung city can enter it, or for those who want a more relaxed, you can follow the tour package that has been widely available. Welcome to west java , great trip in bandung ...


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