Saturday, 22 October 2011

Free ebook : 500 extraordinary islands

 Frommers 500 extraordinary islands
So what is it about islands that makes them so intriguing? Whether it’s a tropical speck in the midst of a vast ocean, or a tree-shrouded hummock in the river of a great city, it’s still somehow set apart, unique, proud, lonely, even mysterious. The waters around it ineffably define it, in a way that no plot of mainland can be defined. And because effort is required to get there—whether it’s simply driving across a bridge or chartering a private plane—once you’ve reached its shores, you know you’re somewhere different.Rather than give their various islands short shrift, we’ve sprinkled them liberally throughout the book. Our main criterion was simple: We wanted to offer the 500 islands you’d most want to visit—or perhaps stay on forever.Presented by : Frommers 2010
(Julie Duchaine, Holly Hughes, Alexis Lipsitz Flippin, Sylvie Murphy)
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