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Moyo island : Luxurious honeymoon private island

For lovers of nature and the underwater world, three kilometers off the North coast of Sumbawa lies Moyo Island, a pristine environment with rugged coastlines and a grassy savannah home to all sorts of wildlife. Seeing the beauty of the beach, sea and nature, it offers tranquility for lovers of the outdoors and the beauty beneath the sea. Not only that, Moyo Island has a height variation from 0-648 m above sea level. Moyo Island is not as popular as the islands become another tourist paradise, like the island of Bali or Lombok. But who would have thought, that this small island has become one of the world-class tourist destination which is often ogled by the celebrities.

Moyo island has become more famous with the visit of Princess Diana from England who sought refuge on this island from the paparazzi, or Mick Jagger (rock musicians of the world) , they take Moyo Island as a place to vacation. The island is blessed with abundance of flora and fauna and wonderful views to volcanic peaks in nearby islands. Hike among macaque monkeys, deer, wild ox and, if you are lucky, spot a boar.

Trips to the island of Moyo, visitors can do some activities. Like, hiking in the woods with an unspoiled beauty, the beauty of the underwater dive, or simply relax on the beach. Entering the forest areas in Moyo Island, visitors can enjoy an unspoiled beauty that is rarely touched. Visitors can along rivers in forest areas. In addition, visitors also can play water while enjoying the beauty of Brang Rea Waterfall located in the middle of the island of Moyo.

To get to the location of this waterfall, visitors can do trekking for about two hours, from the village of Labuan Haji. Brang Rea In addition, there are also waterfalls named Mata Strategies staircase.If you want to enjoy a more challenging adventure, exploring caves can be a fun alternative tourism. In the forest areas on the island of Moyo, there are several caves that can be reached on foot. Among other things, that was quite interesting to explore is Ai Sweet Cave that houses hundreds of bats nest.

Archeology and cultural buffs shouldn’t miss a visit to Batu Tering traditional village where you can see the remains of an extinct megalithic culture. After you check in with the village chief, ask for a guide to show you round Airnung where you can see the remains of old rulers and ancient relief carvings.

Satisfied enjoy the beauty of the mainland island of Moyo, visitors also can do other adventure, which dive into the underwater beauty. Various types of coral reefs can be enjoyed by visitors, either by snorkeling or diving. In the past, the diversity of coral reefs in Moyo Island had suffered damage, which caused the bombing by fishermen from outside Indonesia.

However, along with increasing community awareness about our environment, coral reefs in this island began to recover. Exploring the underwater enchantment on the island of Moyo, but enjoy the coral reefs, visitors can also watch various kinds of fish, like a shark with a length of approximately two meters, anemones, pelagic, eel, gropuers, and mantas.

Where to stay

Enjoy the whole paradise island of Moyo, certainly not enough in one day. If you want to stay, the visitors do not need to worry. Because, in Moyo Island there is a resort that provides the facility to stay with the tent. Visitors need not worry, though using a tent, the facilities provided by the resort is reasonably assured. In addition, because visitors come from overseas Moyo Island, would not be surprised if in this small island also has internet facilities available and doctors.

The only one hotel that stands above the surface of Moyo. Amanwana. A five star hotel that presents luxury and privatization for their customers. Located on a protected island reserve, this resort comprises luxury air-conditioned tents, surrounded by a lush tropical forest and marine park. There is a fleet of luxury vessels for activities such as fishing, scuba diving and island cruises. Amanwana only provide 20 tent-cottages are beautiful.

The concept offered is "back to nature", without any noise from the television or radio. To spend the night there, at least we need to pay around U.S. $ 700 per night. Because of this, many of the domestic tourists rarely holiday home here because they have to prepare a budget that is pretty big, so this Moyo island is dominated by foreign tourists.

Part of the incredible Aman Resort family, Amanwana Resort is located on Moyo Island, a small forested wildlife reserve ten miles off the coast of Sumbawa. This tented resort is a perfect blend of nature and luxury living. The “nature camp” (certainly like no camping you have ever experienced before!) has twenty spacious tented accommodations all exquisitely appointed in local teak and splendid other native features such as island art work. Comfort is guaranteed with a king-size bed, two divans, writing desk and a large bathroom with two vanities. Each tent has a solid walls and foundation, and a double canvas roof. A hardwood deck, perfect for relaxing and taking in the green surroundings, completes the interesting structure.

How to get there

Bali is the international gateway. It is one of the most accessible destinations in South-East Asia with daily flights from most major cities in Asia and Australia. Travellers from the United States or Europe tend to fly via Singapore or Hong Kong. There are also domestic flights from the surrounding islands and ferry connections. Moyo Island can be reached 25 minutes by boat trip from Badas in Sumbawa Besar, or you can choose another option below .

1. Travira Floatplane from Lombok Airport to Moyo UsD $ 2800. for 3 persons
Travira Air offers scheduled flights as well as private charters between Bali and Amanwana. The transfer on Travira Air’s floatplane is the most direct and Amanwana’s recommended mode of transfer. Helicopter transfers can also be arranged upon request.

2. Flight by Trigana Air from Lombok airport to Sumbawa, (30 minutes). Transfer to Ai Ban harbor (30 minutes) then by speed boat from Sumbawa Besar to Moyo island (15 minutes).

Tips in MOYO island

1. Eight degrees south of the equator, Moyo enjoys a warm, tropical climate year-round with the most agreeable months being May to October. Humidity is highest between November and March, during the rainy season. Even during the heaviest rains, however, the sun is rarely out of sight for long.
2. The monsoon months of February and March are particularly green and frequently free of rain. This is also the prime time for spotting whale sharks, giant manta rays and other migrating sea life.
3. It’s best to visit Moyo Island in the dry season from June through to August.
4. Bring your own snorkel and fins as there is nowhere on the island to rent these.
5. Don’t snorkel off the tip of Tanjung Pasir as the currents are very strong.


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