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Gili Trawangan : Travel your dream island

Gili Island is one of the most beautiful island that lies off the northwestern island of Lombok, Gili Islands, there are three, namely Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. Area Three is located in Gili Gili Indah Village, Subdistrict Tanjung, Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara. The third island has beautiful views with clean white beaches and the water is very clear. The area around the three island is known to have a very beautiful marine park is a habitat for a variety of beautiful fish, colorful

Gili Trawangan
Is a large island of the three islands in the sea next to Lombok, where Trawangan is also the only dyke that has a height above sea level is quite significant. With 3 kilo meters long and has a width of 2 miles. Gili Trawangan has the feel of a party with more than Gili Meno and Gili Air, but a popular activity carried tourists in Trawangan is scuba diving (with PADI certified), snorkeling (on the northeast coast), kayaking, and surfing. There are also some places for tourists to learn to ride a horse around the island.

Travel to Gili Trawangan
Trip from Senggigi to Gili Trawangan takes 01 hours by boat. Once on Gili Trawangan, generally has been provided by each operator of the purposes of travel packages snorkeling equipment, including: Mask, Flipper, and life jacket. Please enjoy the coral reefs bund fish chili dressing with a very beautiful as well if you're lucky, then you will see a green turtle turtle is very rare but it is so easy to see in the earthen dike lombok. It should be noted also that the ships crossing the move only from 6 am to 6 pm.

Do not be surprised if we do not see the red-white flag was fluttering, we would not be imagined that Gili Trawangan is still the territory of Indonesia. Why? Because there loads of foreign tourists, Indeed Gili Trawangan is known as the paradise snorkeling, diving, and surfing. You can also get around dyke which covers only about 10 sq km with cidomo or in rented bicycle.

One thing that became more Gili Trawangan is the value of peace and tranquility. This makes their privacy preserved so that tourists can enjoy a holiday with your heart. For those who visit, no need to worry about accommodation. There are many hotels and inns with adequate facilities, including those that have a star class facilities. For lodging, Gili Trawangan offers many options. Just choose according to your taste

Where to stay :

1. Hotel Vila Ombak
Hotel Vila Ombak was the first international-standard hotel to be built on “Gili Trawangan”. With first class comfort and beautiful natural surroundings, it offers guests a wide range of room types, various restaurants, luxuriant spa facilities and much more. Hotel Vila Ombak offers a great choice of restaurants and bars, including ‘Waroeng Bule’ with its fabulous sea view and a mixed menu of Mediterranean Indonesian food, complemented by WiFi coverage. The Sea Horse Restaurant is blessed with a calming sea breeze and views of the ocean and Lombok’s towering Mount Rinjani, Side Walk CafĂ© has many delicious offerings of Western-Eastern food, and specialises in pizzas and grilled seafood, while Blue Bar has a selection of tempting cocktails, mocktails and many international brands of spirits. A range of health and beauty treatments can be found at the ‘Roemah Spa’ at Hotel Vila Ombak, where professional staff — devoted to pampering both mind and body — endeavour to create a world of peace and contentment.

Types of rooms available at Hotel Vila Ombak:

superior Lumbung Terrace
The one-of-a kind traditionally-styled Lumbung Terrace presents 36 rooms and a tranquil atmosphere. The two-storey building houses four different rooms in one complex, all equipped and facilitated with modern amenities. The spacious terrace is perfect for sunbathing or watching the night stars while enjoying the tropical ambience.

Lumbung Hut Room — superior & Deluxe
The Lumbung Hut offers 24 rooms featuring the classic architecture of Lombok combined with modern facilities. Each has an upper floor bedroom, with access to a private balcony equipped with two sundeck chairs. There is also a spacious open-air living area below, an elevated outdoor lounging area with a large daybed and pillows, and a stylish semi-open garden bathroom.

2. Alam Gili
Alam Gili is the fourth hotel from a family with a long tradition of hospitality - a peaceful retreat designed for those wishing to discover an enchanting and peaceful experience away from the crowds, combined with the opportunity to interact with the local culture. Located on the quiet, northern shore of Gili Trawangan, the beach immediately in front of Aman Gii offers spectacular views of both the sunrise over Lombok’s Mt Rinjani and sunset behind Bali’s Mt Agung.

Furthermore, some of the island's best snorkelling and diving is found right here. The hotel offers a selection of comfortable bungalows and deluxe suites, each equipped with hot and coldwater showers, mosquito nets and ceiling fans. There is also an inviting saltwater jungle pool. Finally, under the shade of a tamarind tree or by candelight by the beach, guests can enjoy the delightful home-cooking of Cafe Wayan.

Types of rooms available at Alam Gili :

Garden Bungalows
Cooled by ceiling fans, the five cosy and comfy Garden Bungalows offer double bed or twin bed arrangements and charming open-air bathrooms.

Sea View Room — ‘Duyung’ (The Mermaid Room)
The only sea-view room available at Alam Gili, Duyung’ has a double bed, ceiling fan, open-air bathroom and the private use of a very spacious gazebo where guests can lounge all day looking out to the sea and up to the stars at night.

And there are so many Lodge in that you can find easier at gili trawangan , just take your choose and enjoy your vacation


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