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Bulukumba : Travel the village "Phinisi" boat maker

The word “Bulukumba” is believed to be derived from the Bugis phrase “Bulu’ku Mupa”, which loosely translated means “still my mountain”. The name appeared in the 17th century, when a war broke out between two kingdoms of South Sulawesi, namely the kingdoms of Gowa and Bone. At the time, the ridge of Mount Lompobattang , known as “Bengkeng Buki”, - which means “foot of the hill”, - was claimed by The Gowa Kingdom. The Bone Kingdom, however, refuted the claim and defended the area with all they had. From this battle came the passionate outcry: ”bulu’ku mupa!” or “still my mountain”. Gradually its pronunciation shifted to cover the entire area of Bulukumba.

Bulukumba regency is famous for boat industry phinisi a lot of economic added value for society and local government, the total area of 1154.67 km2 with distance from the city of Makassar about 153 km. Bulukumba was titled Butta Panrita Lopi, land of Phinisi Boat makers because in this regency there are traditional ship building industry, located at Tana beru Village.

Along the shores of Tanah Beru, you will see tens of dry-docks where phinisi schooners are in various stages of construction. Here the skillful hands of the Bugis with amazing precision, carefully craft the Phinisi that has become the icon of Indonesian seafaring. The Phinisi is built using traditional equipment following exact prescribed traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Its construction does not only involve strength and technique but also – as the locals believe – supernatural powers, for which every stage requires strictly adhered rituals and ceremonies.

Phinisi Nusantara has recorded the historic moment successful voyage across the Pacific Ocean to get to Vancouver, Canada. This vicious famous Ocean conquered by a ship made of wood, Phinisi Nusantara The ship has 37 meters long and weighs 120 tons of epic voyages commenced on July 9, 1986. Departing from the pier fishing Muara baru, North Jakarta with the aim of Vancouver. Shipping routes through waves which are really heavy with reportedly up to as high as 7 meters. Much higher than power lines. Moreover, according to Capt.. Gita, they have to sail against the wind. After a voyage as far as 10,600 miles that took over 68 days they finally reach the destination successfully, Vancouver.

At Marine Plaza harbor, the ship and its crew received a lot visitors from the people of Vancouver. Every day the ship was visited by no less than 3,000 visitors. Moreover, on September 21, 1986, Phinisi Nusantara visited by 25,000 visitors. Indonesia received an award of railroad spikes, which is a symbol of the 100th anniversary of the Trans Canada who became a symbol of past transportation. This award is only awarded to three participating countries Expo '86 which was considered the most spectacular in transportation .

The story of the Phinisi boat from the village of Tanah Beru and sailors from the village of Bira, Bulukumba, it has become a very famous story. But not many people know the greatness of the sailors from the southern tip of Sulawesi, which is constructed from a long tradition. Culture is based on the myth of the creation of the first boat by their ancestors. And now, Phinisi boat has been very much in use as boat tours, Just say cruise-tour from Bali to Labuan Bajo, or to the island of Komodo. Many cruiser agent use this Phinisi boat type, such as Silolona cruises, Indonesia Cruises, Sea Trek Sailing Adventures cruises. As in my previous post about cruise and liveaboard tourism in Indonesia

Where To Stay
There are many available inn for traveler accommodation in the district of Bulukumba, varies from star-rated hotels and resort to modest inns and backpacker’s lodge. Here are among some of the accommodation you can find in Bulukumba :

1. Bahagia Pondok Wisata Hotel
Jl Bira, Bulukumba 92571
South Sulawesi Indonesia
Phone: (0413) 83599

2. Awal Fajar Wisma
Jl Pisang 19, Bulukumba 92511
South Sulawesi Indonesia
Phone: 0413-81267

How To Get There
The Hasanuddin International airport in Makassar serves flights to and from major cities in Indonesia including Jakarta, Bali, Yogyakarta, and Surabaya, as well as flights from Malaysia by AirAsia and to and from Singapore by Garuda Indonesia. To reach Bulukumba, visitors can go straight from the airport to the Malengkeri terminal in Makassar by taxi with fare about IDR 40.000. From the terminal, visitors can choose to take a bus or other public transportation to Bulukumba. By public transport, the trip to Bulukumba will take about 2 -3 hours and costs around IDR 35.000.

Once you reach downtown Bulukumba, you can get to Bira Beach by taking the pete-pete minibuses for about IDR 8.000 to IDR 10.000. The Tanah Beru phinisi dock yards are along this road. In Tanjung Bira Beach, public transport operates only till the afternoon. If you wish to return to Makassar, there are also cars for hire to take you back to Makasar for about IDR 500.000


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