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Peling Island : Hidden paradise in the east of Sulawesi

Banggai Islands, is one of regencies in Central Sulawesi, section east coast of the island of Sulawesi. Banggai Islands are a hidden pearl that holds remarkable natural charm in the eastern part of the Earth Indonesia. Banggai Islands are included in regional areas has its own uniqueness. This area consists of large islands, small islands, mountains and hills. In the inland spread wide variety of flora and fauna, biodiversity-rich coastal marine ecosystems, such as mangroves, sea grass types and other marine biota.

The coral reef and tropical fish provide a wonderful view on the marine park. Banggai Island's west coast region is developed as a pearl farm. Peling Island is the largest island, the island is possible, the name alone is not a lot of people who know. Has an area 2340 square kilometers and is one of hundreds of islands in the Banggai Islands, which stores hundreds of beautiful sea views. Do not miss to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Sulawesi is Sabang Beach, crystal clear sea water, it appears bluish green, interspersed with rows of neat scenery of palm trees line the shore, indulge every eye that sees. .

At the beach, you not only enjoy its beauty panorama of the beach only, but you can see and touch directly a fascinating collection of sea stars from close range with a wide range of colors and scattered along the shore. Charm starfish on the beach of Sabang Beach is giving impression for you during the tour on the island of peling. In that place there is also a swimming pool that comes from springs. Very natural. Locals call it the Fountain Luwuk Panenteng. The water is really clear and gives freshness, is characteristic of its own on this island.

How to get there :

To achieve Bangkep need to use different types of transport. Route begins with a flight from Soekarno-Hatta (if from Jakarta), or Juanda Airport (from Surabaya) Sultan Hasanuddin Airport in Makassar, followed by a flight from Napier Airport Bubung Luwuk using Airline Batavia Air. From Luwuk to the island reached by ferry peling foam approximately 3-4 hours drive. While Luwuk Banggai Island is served by a wooden motor boat travel time between 8-12 hours.

Although the panorama is very nice, but the accommodation facilities on the island is still very limited but tourists can still stay in the homes of a resident having previously requested permission to the local village chief. Tourists can rent a motor boat that can be found in every village if you want to surround these islands region.

With a lot of time and patience you can visit the wild and remote Banggai Islands. It's a superb area for swimming, diving and viewing . Such marine life as whales and dugongs. Boats can be chartered from most villages, but it is easiest to arrange diving and snorkelling trips through Maleo Cottages near Luwuk. A place that is completely wild on natural  to visit.


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