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Karimunjawa : Tourist islands in northern Javanese

Situated between Java and Borneo, and still unknown to mass tourism , Karimunjawa archipelago, located in the Java Sea, north of the capital city of Semarang, has everything to offer divers and backpackers who enjoy trekking and snorkeling along a pristine beach. This is one amongst seven marine national parks in Indonesia. Taking only a four to five-hour trip from Semarang, you will be surrounded by natural beauty. Karimunjawa was formally declared a Marine Protection Area in 1986 encompassing some 272,000 acres, with the largest part being sea.

Karimunjawa it self is an island-chains with 27 islands linking in the territory, where only 5 are inhabited. Towns and villages are set on the island of Karimunjawa (the largest island), Kemujan, Nyamuk, Parang, and Genting . In a way, this could show how close the islands to the term of ‘virginal tropical paradise’. The quiet and peaceful surrounding is the perfect hideout for those who wish to escape the hectic and frustrating high-speed city life. Take some time off, slow down a little bit and see how much that would do you good.

Another island near Karimunjawa :

Menjangan Besar Island
Menjangan Besar Island there is a shark breeding. You can test the courage to go into their breeding pond and swim with these sharks. No need to fear, because the sharks here are quite tame and friendly with humans.

Small Menjangan Island
Small Menjangan Island deserves a visit for the waters around this island there are lots of small colorful fish are beautiful. This island has a beach and a beautiful sea floor with clear water. The island is suitable for you who want to try snorkeling.

Pine Island Small and Large
On both islands there are many pine trees that may be the basis of the second name of this island. Another unique thing is the existence of the mainland beaches with white sand jutting into the sea.

Cape Island Gelam
Gelam Cape Island is a beautiful island with white sand and sea water is bluish green.

The status of Karimunjawa as one of the preserved national marine park in Indonesia gives evidence on how beautiful the underwater life is in the islands. No need to rent high cost diving gear or search for a specific location just to view forest of colorful coral reefs and all their inhabitants. They are scattered all over the place! The islands are reported to be the home of 242 different kind of fish as well as 133 genera of aquatic fauna.

Most of the islands are blessed with white sandy beaches that stretch along the shoreline. Enjoy the rare beauty of the surrounding islands with their pristine white, unspoiled beaches fringed with palm trees, and the amazing colours of the sea while staying in rare comfort So what you need to do is pick a spot to your liking, laze out in the sun and voila!...Those celebrity golden chocolate skin will be yours by the end of your holiday.

What To Do :

1. Swim with sharks
Swimming with sharks is a must to do activity while you stay in the islands. Test your guts and have memorable pictures taken with the sharks circling
around you in the conservatory shark pool.
2. Fishing
Night fishing is a favorite activity to some visitors. Do it by your self or join a tournament that frequently held by local government and institution.
3. A trip by glass bottom boat
if you want to see the marine life in deeper water, joining a glass bottom trip is a must.
4. Islands hopping
Islands hopping is the activity for you to do in the islands. Remember, there are 27 of them, and all waiting for you marine lover.
5. Diving
If you are one of the people who are not satisfied by snorkeling slowly around the islands, diving is definitely an option. Rent a diving gear and get set to the various diving sites available in the islands. FYI, one of the most favorite is Indonoor shipwreck.
6.Collect Unussual souvenir
There are so many souvenir that you can buy on the souvenir shops . Some souvenir shops still sell a mythical wood from a tree called dewadaru. Its power is believed to be able to cure a snake bite, prolong someone’s life, and protect your home from thieves. It is a tree that is protected due to its high demand. People buy it in the form of tasbih (rosary), kris, or staff as it was used by the –so called – founder of the islands, Sunan Nyamplungan. The Dewadaru tree is also called the Nyampulangan tree.

Where To Stay

Kura-kura Resort
Kura Kura Resort has re-opened its doors on Jun 2008 with a new ownership team and new management after 7 months of renovations that have upgraded the property by enhancing the natural beauty of the island, with a passion for authenticity and attention to the smallest details.The Resort was already party renovated in summer '08 with 21 spacious and luxurious Pool Villas (320 sq mt) including 2 family Pool Villas (600 sq mt) settled among the beautiful Royal palm trees. Every Pool Villa has been designed with full respect for nature, embracing the influence of an Indonesian Villa concept, together with the blend of contemporary and elegant style.

Nirvana Laut Private Tropical Resort
Large choice of accommodation packages including self catering and a choice of rooms such as cosey Joglo rooms or ocean view Suites or the Superior Master Suite with 180ยบ ocean views from your bed. Well decorated rooms with European toilet and bathroom facilities with hot water. Banquet/Function Facilities in our massive lobby living area. Refreshments including coconuts grown on site prepared into delicious cocktails.

Dewadaru Resort
"Dewadaru Resort" is a nuanced beach resort, bungalows and cottages, each consisting of two bedroom bungalow, wooden building located on the beach and close to the pier, reaching Dewadaru resort is quite a walk from the dock because it is opposite the pier, only about 50 yards off the boat was able to at this resort

Enjoying the beauty of this island and feel the tranquility will be an enjoyable experience. Encouraged to visit the island in March through October, at the time the weather is friendly so you can freely explore and enjoy the islands karimunjawa. Enjoy the enchanting beauty of nature in karimunjawa.

How To Get There

Flights to Semarang are available from Jakarta, Denpasar Bali, and also from other cities. Karimunjawa itself has an airport in Kemujan Island, called the Dewadaru Airport. Small aircrafts land here although the flight schedule is still dominated by chartered flights from Semarang, Yogyakarta, or Bali.

Speed Boat Kartini 1

Saturday Depart Semarang 09:00 arrive Karimunjawa 12:30
Sunday Depart Karimunjawa 14:00 arrive Semarang 17:30

Monday May 2 and May 16
Depart Semarang 07:00 arrive Jepara 09:30
Depart Jepara 10:00 arrive Karimunjawa 12:30

Tuesday May 3 and May 17
Depart Karimunjawa 11:00 arrive Jepara 13:30
Depart Jepara 14:00 arrive Semarang 17:00

Ticket Price :
Business : IDR 150,000 (around US$16.50)
V.I.P. : IDR 165,000 (around US$18.00)

KMP Muria Ferry

Dubbed as a comfortable ferry to cross the straight to Karimunjawa, this modern ferry is capable of taking in both passengers and vehicles, as well as freight. Leaving only from the Port of Jepara (Kartini) it is a relaxing trip over the Java Sea with plenty of room to choose from and a cafeteria on board. The ferry departs from Jepara at 09:00 on even dates, and leaves Karimunjawa on odd dates at 08:00.

Ticket Price
Business : IDR 45,000 (around US$ 5.00)
V.I.P. : IDR 90,000 (aroundUS$ 10.00)


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