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Wayang golek : The Amazing Puppet art show from Indonesia

Wayang golek (Golek puppet show) , a stage of art dolls made of wood and played by a puppeteer with the accompaniment of sundanese traditional music. Wayang golek is one of the typical soil Sundanese arts. In general, wayang golek is traditionally made by the inhabitants of certain villages in West Java. Wayang golek made of albasiah or lame. Method of manufacture is to whittle and carve it, until it resembles a desired shape. To color and draw the eyes, eyebrows, lips and motives at the head of the puppet, it is used special paint. This paint makes the puppet look brighter. Staining puppet is an important part because it can produce a variety of character figures. The basic colors used in the puppet there are four, namely: red, white, prada, and black.

Wayang golek performances are usually accompanied by Sundanese gamelan (Salendro), which consists of two saron, a Pekinese, a selentem, one device boning, boning rincik a set, one device kenong, a pair of gongs, drums and fiddle set. The plot shows also the same as the wayang golek puppet storyline in general. Wayang golek usually are also have a good play-act and story lines as well as carangan . The uniqueness of wayang golek apart from the puppet details is of each motion puppet is almost like a human movement, ranging from nodding, shaking her head, swinging his arms until the battle scenes are of course complicated. It is highly determined by the skill of a puppeteer who staged the show of this wayang golek. The story is taken to staging a wayang golek show is usually comes from the stories of Mahabharata and Ramayana. But along with the development, storyline of wayang golek more varied and unique.

About Form and body wadag of Wayang Golek can actually be broken down into 3 (three) parts, namely the head and neck, hands and body. These three parts are made separately and then connected so that the whole shape looks like a "human".

The neck and head are connected by a bamboo that has been sharpening in more or less like your little finger so that the puppet can look left and right like a human. The bottom of the bamboo was sharpened, penetrates to the bottom of the puppet body and ultimately serves as a foot rod that will be plugged in the banana tree so that it can stand firm. From the waist down in the form of cloth fitted gloves so that the puppeteer's hand is holding the bamboo was not visible from the outside.

The Hand part made separate sections especially in the shoulder joint and elbow Few. Joints were connected by a thread / rope so that the puppet can move like a human. The hand puppet characters were given certain chelate shoulder (garnish base of the arm) or a bracelet. Similarly in parts of the body puppet filled with beads, earrings, ear, Badong (ornaments back), a dagger, and so on. The body shape facial expressions, clothing, decoration, adapted to the character and position of puppet figures are concerned.

Wayang golek are also often functioned as a souvenir from Sundanese land. The wayang golek price are relatively cheap , The expencive price is determined by the precision of carving and degree of difficulty in the way of making the puppets and raw material are also. Mang Iin one of Wayang golek craftsmen from the area Rancakalong, Sumedang told, to puppet with a details that are not too complicated, he could finish 3-4 puppets pieces a day, while for the puppet with the high quality detail it can take 3-4 days to complete

In general, the puppets made of wood Albasia marketed with a price range of Rp. 15,000 / unit complete with clothing and accessories. While the puppet with better quality from mahogany wood etc.. marketed at a price of Rp. 40,000 to Rp. 150,000 and unit.

For those of you who want to know what and how all sorts of puppets, you can visit the museum located in Jalan Pintu Besar No.27, West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia.Telp. (021) 6929560, Fax. (021) 6927289. On 7 November 2003, the United Nations (UN) recognizes that Indonesia Wayang Masterpiece is a work of world heritage. Therefore when visiting Jakarta, its better to included the Museum Wayang (Shadow Puppets Museum) as one of a list of interesting places that must be visited.


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