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Green Canyon : Travel with sensation of adventure in Pangandaran

Do you like to travel with sensation of river adventure? if your answer is yes, let's try to visiting Green Canyon which is located in Pangandaran, West Java. Green Canyon Nature tourism is most favored place by tourists lovers of trekking, canoeing, or a challenging of adrenaline tour. The green canyon names is taken from the name of the Grand Canyon in United States. This place is a cave with a bunch of greenish crystal clear waters with decorates by stalactite and stalagmite that is hidden behind the rocky cliffs - perhaps that's why these place called Green Canyon. Locals used to call this area as Cukang Taneuh. The nickname of Cukang Taneuh arises because in the middle of the river there is a bridge from the soil, 3 feet wide with a length of 40 meters. This tourist attraction located in the Village Kertayasa, Cijulang District , and located along the Cijulang river - about 31 km from Pangandaran.

Green Canyon is became very famous, because the panorama of the river is very beautiful. The beauty of Green Canyon will always be welcome for any travelers once you enter the gates of these attractions. The river is so special, because it has a very admirable canyon  lengthwise area and divide  of its physical structure. Those people who visiting green canyon would be stunned by the beauty of the panoramas of the river which flows along Cijulang.  The tourists usually also take advantage of the cave rocks to jump into crystal clear water. You can enjoy the incredible natural scenery along the left and right sides of the river while boating.

To go to the cave of  Green Canyon, go to the docks and buy tickets from Pier Ciseuruh. If you traveling on holiday, you certainly have to wait for several hours for the boat to turn up to the cave. Tourist boats  is operated  and owned by local people, but they still regulated by the government on their district. One boat can carry up to five passengers with a rental price of Rp 75,000. If you want to swim in the bat cave, you can tell the boat crew to wait, surely with more added fee. They will ask a full day for Rp 100,000  , but surely you will not spend your time along day there. Bargaining, maybe you can get Rp 80,000 in the holiday season and Rp 50,000 while it is empty of visitors. Each boat is always providing  life jackets for the passengers, so if you are not a good swimmer, do not be too worried.

To get to the first point, we must go through a fairly quiet flow of the river for nearly 15 minutes. After passing through the 'corridor' of the river, then we will meet with a place that force us to get off from the boat. In these places, we will see a row of rocks with very beautiful ornate stunning by stalactites and stalagmites. The rock also forcing us to not continue the boat journey, because the course of the river was blocked by the rocks in  the river which is look like terraced steps.

After you got out of the boat, you will be challenged to be able to see the true beauty of the Green Canyon, while is: you have to swim upstream to get to the river. foreign tourists keen to swim down the river with a depth of 10 meters to the upstream. When swimming down the river, tourists will be accompanied by a row of rocky cliffs adorned with stalactites and stalagmites. Fabulous! Those who did it were definitely not be disappointed, we will also be treated by beautiful views of waterfalls Palatar after swimming. You can also do body rafting around Bat Cave. This activity is managed by the boat crew  in cooperation with the younger local village . Tell your crew that you want to do body rafting and they will take you to the place. Time it takes about 3-4 hours and of course with an additional cost

There are no accommodations around Green Canyon. The closest hotels are in Riverside Panireman river mouth leading to Batu Karas beach, about 15 minutes from Green Canyon. If you are interested in visiting Green Canyon, you can follow some tips below when visiting the Green canyon in Pangandaran

When you decide to come to Green Canyon, you must be prepared to travel a considerable distance to travel time is 8 hours from Jakarta. Leave at night especially if you use public transport. By using public transportation, you can depart from Terminal Pangandaran majors to rural transportation terminals Cijulang with a relatively low cost. Hire a public vehicle if you come in a group.

Green Canyon should be visited during the dry season. Because of the dry season, water colors green and quieter. Very pretty for you make the images object.

If you want to try to wade through the rapids of the river downstream from the height of the cliff and jumped in the Green Canyon, prepare your energy. Do not forget to wear a bathing suit. Body rafting charged Rp 30,000 - to Rp 40,000. You need to prepare a change of clothes after the body rafting

For lodging, it is advisable to seek lodgings in Pangandaran Beach. Because in addition to more choices, the price provided is more varied than in the Green Canyon.

Bring a waterproof camera for traveling ,because the Green Canyon highly correlated with water. If there is no, you try to be careful with your belongings such as cameras and mobile phones, not to fall.

Do not forget to bring food and drinks because there is only food accommodations in the main entrance. And use comfortable shoes for slippery rocks in the Green Canyon.

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