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Ramayana Ballet : Enjoy the amazing dance performance at Prambanan temple

If you are currently or about to visit Jogjakarta, you should never missed a show that regularly held at Prambanan temple area. This temple area is filled with very interesting fairy tales for you to know. The fairy tale that available here, is packaged in the form of dance which very different, distinctive, unique and can be the entertainment that can make your vacation very memorable.The show is known as the Ramayana Ballet, a dance performance that takes the story of Rama and Sinta from the Ramayana story. Ramayana is a beautiful legend carved on the walls of the temple of Shiva, one of the temples at Prambanan temple complex. If you visit the temple and walk clockwise, you will find the Ramayana story line through the existing reliefs.

Ramayana Ballet is the performing arts which beautiful, amazing and hard to compare. Performance is able to unite various Javanese arts such as dance, drama and music on one stage and one momentum to present the story of Ramayana, Valmiki's legendary epic written in Sanskrit. The whole story is presented in a series of dance movements performed by the beautiful dancers accompanied by gamelan music. You are invited to actually dissolve in the story and observe every movement of the dancers to know the story. No dialogue is spoken from the dancers, the only speakers are sinden depicting the storyline through the songs in the Java language with a distinctive voice.

Ramayana is an epic tale of a royal Alengkadiraja background. An adventure of Rama and Sinta in the forest Dandaka be the beginning of the story. continued with the abduction of Sinta by Ravana through trickery that is quite unique. Ravana sends incarnation golden deer to entice Sinta. When Rama hunting, Sinta went to follow the golden deer which is the incarnation from followers of Ravana, until finally Sinta lost. This situation is exploited by Ravana to kidnap Sinta. Rama felt lost, and trying to get Sinta back at his side. The battle for the battle between Rama with Ravana is became a very interesting for you to watch until the show was over.

You also can find not only dance, but also scenes of interest such as fireball game acrobatics with the agility by dancers. A charming fire ball game can be found when Hanuman that initially going to burnt alive instead successfully burn Ravana's kingdom Alengkadiraja. While the stunt could be found when the followers of Hanuman fought with Ravana. The game was about to flame when Shinta burn itself is also interesting to watch.

You will not be disappointed with this excellent performance because not only dance and music are being prepared. Lighting is prepared in such a way that not only the rays that dumb, but is able to describe certain events in the story. So did the makeup on each dancer, not only beautify but also able to describe the character played by character so the audience can easily recognize even though there was no dialogue.

To enjoy this show you can make reservations at Prambanan Theatre, Jalan Raya Yogya - Solo Km 16 Prambanan, Yogyakarta 55571, Indonesia. Phone: +62 274 496408, Fax: +62 274 496 408. And for the cost of the show you have to spend money of 250,000 rupiah ( VIP and special in open Stage ), Special: 175 000 rupiah, First class: 150 000 rupiah, Second Class: 75 000 rupiah, while for domestic students Tickets 20,000 rupiah, - entourage of at least 30 students (to include a letter from school).

Ramayana Ballet was shown at night (only every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday), supported more than 200 dancers and professional musicians. There are 2 stage used for performances, an outdoor stage with a background of Prambanan and the second one is indoor of Tri Murti House. The indoor performances are carried out if rainy season. The show begins at 19:30 precisely. Existing facilities around the theater is the Prambanan Garden Resto restaurant, souvenir shop, food and beverages.

For you who choose to watch in Purawisata, the facilities available precisely spelled out more fully than at Prambanan Temple Complex. This is because Purawisata located in the center of the city of Yogyakarta. If you have pay entrance fee , then you will also get dinner facilities at Jimbaran Resto, see gamelan performances during dinner, a visit to the backstage, and photos with dancers after the show. Happy holidays:)


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