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Enjoy the beauty of Mount Gede-Pangrango

The natural beauty of the mountains was never out to speak about. If you're traveling in Indonesia, do not miss to enjoy the beauty of Mount Gede Pangrango with a variety of very beautiful natural scenery. Feel the cool air in Suryakencana, or feel the freshness of mountain water of cibereum waterfalls . This mountains are situated in West Java, Indonesia. It evolved from already existing conservation areas, such as Cibodas Nature Reserve, Cimungkat Nature Reseve, Situgunung Recreational Park and Mount Gede Pangrango Nature Reserve, and has been the site of important biological and conservation research over the last century. In 1977 UNESCO declared it part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

Mount Gede is a favourite place for hiking and camping. Almost every weekend, adventurers often come to this place in order to conquest the summit of mount Gede, at a height of 2,958 above sea level. From the summit, we can see the summit of Mount Pangrango which looks like a triangle. Both are with the Mount Gede Pangrango National Park system. Visitors usually enter the park by one of the four gates of the park: the Cibodas, Gunung Putri, and Selabintana gates, all give access to the peaks; the Situ Gunung gate gives entrance to a lake area set aside mainly for family-style recreation. Cibodas gate is the most popular entrance gate and is the site of the park's headquarters.

To enter the park , we have to walk trough the Botanical Garden gate and come to the Guard House where we have to register our identity for personal security . Behind the guard house is the way to climb the mountains . On the way up , we come across a beautiful tropical forest . And we also can visit the waterfalls of Cibereum . It has a beautiful place and view . Walking about 4 hours , we will reach 'pos KANDANG BADAK' hut . On the way we will find two or three huts , spring and hot spring . In this place , we may enjoy taking a dip in that hot spring. We can stay overnight in pos KANDANG BADAK where cold water is also available . It is bifurcated path uphill from pos kandang badak ; the right one going towards Mt. Pangrango , and the left one going towards Mt.gede.

To reach the peak of Mt. Pangrango , we have to climb for 2 or 3 hours walking through natural forest at 1000 m high. The peak of Mt. Pangrango is located in a thick and moldy forest , from where no view is visible . It is very different if we climb to the peak of Mt. Gede . Climbing another 2 hours , we will reach the peak of Mt. Gede , we can enjoy a broad view of a scenic panorama and an exotic scene of the big wall Kaldera . Mt. Gede has three living crater. Climbing down the peak westward , we will find the field of javanese 'edelweis' flower , called as 'Lembah Surya Kencana '. In the south of the field there is a hut where we can take a rest . At the highest peak of Mt. Gede we can enjoy the panoramic view towards jakarta , cianjur and other places . If we climb down to the north , we can reach cipanas, or to the south is sukabumi. It takes about 3-4 hours to reach of any of these places.

From Jakarta, the area is two hours drive, usually via Cibodas Botanical Gardens, the most common routes leading to these mountains . From Bogor or Cianjur , we can travel by bus going towards Cipanas and get off at the entrance of Cibodas , approximately 2 km away from the west of Cipanas . From that bus stop , we can go towards the gate of Cibodas Botanical Garden by mini bus . We can obtain a permission of climbing from Mt. Gede Pangrango national park authority office beside the Cibodas Botanical Garden . Which is on the right side of the gate. Guides are also available here . For notify is we must bookmark first to make this permission minimal one week before we go to climb . We can obtain guide map of these national park from Wisma Cinta Alam . Enjoy the great adventure of Mount Gede national park ...happy holiday :)


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