Thursday, 8 December 2011

Jakarta Shopping destination -part II

After listening to Jakarta shopping destination Part I (the modern market), we will go on virtual tours of the Jakarta shopping destination that is traditional markets. Traditional markets in Jakarta were more likely noisy and soiled, it is seen from a smaller market area than the modern markets that have mushroomed. The atmosphere of a crowded marketplace, with the lack of facilities is still an unresolved issue for the Indonesian government for more serious work on the tourism potential of these expenditures. However, visiting traditional markets in Jakarta will certainly bring a lot of new colors for your trip while in jakarta. Cultures are very complex in Jakarta, making every impression and traditional markets has its own color. You have a bit struggling to find and get items that will become your collection after leaving Jakarta. Skill your accuracy in doing deals, is a determinant of success in getting quality goods at very cheap prices. this is it, some of the existing traditional markets with the kind of uniqueness in jakarta.

1. Rawa bening Market
Located in East Jakarta, precisely in Jatinegara. This market offers a variety of precious stones are beautiful and captivating to your collection. Precious stones like Diamond, Topaz Spinel, Turquoise, nephrite, jade, diopside and many others, can be found in this traditional market. This market is devoted to selling various gemstones, so do not be surprised if along your trip during this market only view thousands of gemstones which stretched and ready to become your collectibles.

2. Rawa belong Market
This market is located in west jakarta Palmerah. As with Rawa bening market, this market offers the beauty of a series of beautiful flowers that you can make submissions to the people you love. This market sells special interest, whether it is assembled or in the form of units. Many types of flowers are offered in this market, such as Orchid, Rose, Jasmine, Tulip, Lily, Aglonema. The uniqueness in this market is visited Nuances fragrant flowers and scented, indulge your sense of smell while you are in this market.

3. Senen cakes market/ Pasar Senen
This market is located in the area Senen, central Jakarta, the uniqueness of this traditional market is, these traditional markets exist only in the morning between the hours of 2 am and 5 am. This market offers a wide range of cakes, pastries either, and the wet cake. for those of you lovers of cake, do not miss the existence of this market, because in addition to cheap, pastries offered are very varied.

4. Jalan Surabaya
the name of this market is taken by the name of the existing road near the market, namely Jalan Surabaya. as in our previous post "The antique market at Jalan Surabaya", this market offers a diverse lot of antiques from ancient times that many have historical value and of course, unique.

In Jakarta, the number of traditional markets very much, but in this post, only this is what can we serve to the readers, because the market is marketplace that has a level of uniqueness, comfort and decent enough security for your visit. happy shopping and traveling.


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