Friday, 2 December 2011

Komutta - Travelers Application Information for Public Transportation in Jakarta

For users of the Android phone and was traveling in Jakarta may be required to have this application. This application is very useful to assist you in finding the information about transportation in Jakarta. Like, routes and schedules of Transjakarta bus , electric cart, Air Conditioning Bus , until Lists of Taxi. To use these applications, users will not be charged or free, and may be downloaded via the Android Market with the keyword 'Komutta'. In the main view, users will be presented four main options namely, Transjakarta Route, Train Schedule, Call Taxi, and Bus AC.

*. Transjakarta Route
In this menu we can get information about bus routes and corridors Transjakarta complete with stops every stop. For example when the user wants to Pulogadung terminal of Mampang Prapatan, this application can provide information that would pass the full path to the map.

*. Train Schedule
There are two options in this menu and Tranin Class Station. Users can get information about train schedules Economy class, Economy air conditioning, and Express from stations around Jakarta.

*. Call Taxi
This menu contains information throughout the providers of taxi service enterprise, complete with contact phone numbers. So, just select the desired name of the taxi then Komutta can directly make calls.

*. Air Conditioning Bus Route
The menu is a lot of data store AC bus numbers passing in Jakarta. Users can search through the bus number, or based on the location where the bus usually stops.

The following screenshot of this application:

Choose a mode of transportation would you use, such as those displayed drawn above, and define the purpose of initial (left) and the final destination (final destination),

Here are the results of route to be traversed (ex. Busway) to the destination:

or routes in the form of maps (map),

route search result can be saved or can also be divided to the friend you want to know that such a mode of transportation routes.

Here they are the main items that Komutta providing :

- Show Transjakarta/Busway koridors and route
- Show KRL schedule
- Transjakarta Route Map and shelter location
- Show Bus, Bus AC, Mini Bus and Angkot Route
- Shows Taxi name and Phone Number
- And also a favorite for you to store the route that you travel the most
- Search Route from Start to End Shelter, Tap the item and your route will be shown in the map (non smooth)
- share your search result to a friend using email
- support localization for Indonesian language (Bahasa)
- CCTV View

Komutta is a comutter guide for the people that live in Jakarta. Broadly speaking, Komutta can be used as a reference around the schedules of transportation in Jakarta. The menu featured so easily to understood and the data were quite accurate.


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