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The antique market at Jalan Surabaya

Jalan Surabaya is known for its antique market. Located in Central Jakarta near Menteng Residential area with open-air market style. Stretch your feet about half kilometer and you will be seen by a row of shophouses along the edge of the road. Here they are , a huge parts of antique stuff with a large various kind and model that you can brought as a new antique collection . You will be seen with a wide range of antique lamps , porcelains , and various kinds of handycrafts. Serious antique lovers may be disappointed, BUT you never know when you can find a true treasure amongst the trash and modern reproductions on Jalan Surabaya. This antiques market was founded in 1974 which was inaugurated by Ali Sadikin, the Governor of Jakarta at the time.

Before the market was established, the antiques traders carrying his wares by walk a way in and around the city endured at that time. and now Antique traders who is now trading on the antiquities market on Jalan Surabaya is the second generation of antiques traders who previously traveled the old city of Jakarta. For antique collectors from within and outside Indonesia who like to hunt for scarce goods and infinite then the existence of the antiques market on the street of Jalan Surabaya is familiar for this community. Some world leaders or popular person who've been rumored to go to this antiques market is Mick Jagger, Sharon Stone, and Bill Clinton, the ex president of The United States.

Choose from a vast range of brass ware, textiles, ornamental lamps, porcelains, ancient instruments, and local crafts at bargain prices. Kiosks that line that have different specifications of goods between his stall. There are specialized in selling antique electronic goods, such as film cameras, iron, and the phone who was reached over a century. There is also a historic sell household appliances, such as spoons, teapots, and cups are worn by kings in the archipelago of Indonesia. One of the kiosks there is selling antiques of ship stuffs like ship rudder, compass, telescope, and old diving stuffs. At the antique markets at Jalan Surabaya, there’re some kiosks that specialized on selling bags and suitcases. There’re also kiosks that sell old books. In addition, there are also accessories that sell or display the price when asked, ranges from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of dollars. However, make no mistake because not a few who are willing to reach into 'pockets' in-the sake of having the goods sought.

Another important thing to remember is do not forget to ask the authenticity of the antiques here because a lot of counterfeit goods that looked exactly like the original. One way to know the authenticity of these items is to ask the price - original antiques certainly have a much more expensive price. And like other premier markets, Jalan Surabaya is the perfect place for you to demonstrate your expertise in doing deals, especially since considering that the price of goods here varies, ranging from U.S. $ 50 cents to U.S. $ 500. If the bid is not your expertise, please bring someone who is an expert in the bid so that you get maximum shopping experience.

Here is an example of how to bargain:

Let the seller greet you first and respond in kind, smiling a little.
Seller: Any item you are looking for?
You: I’m browsing (Liat-liat)
Seller: Where are you from?
You: Yogya, Solo, Bandung, etc. (Of course the seller means your nationality, but you can cheat by answering where you’ve travelled from, which gives an impression that you are not a tourist from abroad, but that you work/study/live in another city in Indonesia. If they think you have some local experience and knowledge they will treat you differently from a brand-new tourist.)
You: (if there is no price label) How much is this? (Ini berapa?)
(if there is a price) Is it negotiable? (Boleh kurang?)
Seller: It is a fixed price (Harga pas).
You: Oh, too bad… (look just a little down)
If you want to buy more in quantity, or you find another item you like, you can try bargaining based on multi-purchase price.
You: If I take two? If I take this and this…? (Kalau ambil dua…?)
Seller: OK, xxx rupiah.
You: (If the opening price is not exorbitant and your goal is to lower it down) Mmm… is that your best? (Tidak kurang lagi?) (don’t forget your really nice smile now)
If the price is crazily high, simply mutter: Expensive, isn’t it? (Mahal yah?). By toning down your comment to a question — as if you’re asking the seller to agree that the price is too expensive — you put yourself and the seller on the same side. Do not make absolute statements, such as: That is expensive! or say what you think the best price is. That way you put yourself against the seller and, worst, state that you are right and they are wrong.
Seller: How much do you want?
You: Your very best price (Yang paling pasnya berapa?) (Smile your best now, you are really insisting at this point, but you are not rude, so the seller might finally give in because you are serious and a really nice customer.)
Seller: xxx rupiah.
If the price is still too far from what you’re ultimately ready to pay, walk out of the shop. The seller might call you back and lower once more. Once it is near your range, it is your turn to start naming numbers.
You: Let’s round it down to xxx rupiah, OK? (Buletin jadi xxx yah? Boleh yah?) (smile and smile and smile)
From this point on, whatever the seller says, you simply repeat the mantra: “xxx rupiah, boleh yah? ':D' ” until hopefully the seller relents to your price or very near to it.

You can visit the source of bargain and shopping tips more on  :

What if the antiques in your home already looks dull? The antiques market in Jalan Surabaya can be selected to attend. Average local merchants can conjure return your antique from dull being sightly so that it remains beautiful. Although the traditional markets, Jalan Surabaya is very convenient to visit because it is never too crowded with visitors, and is surrounded by old trees that shade to protect you from the heat of the sun. The best time to visit Jalan Surabaya is in the morning.


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