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Menjangan island : Bali best diving spots

Menjangan Island is one of the small island northwest of the Bali island which is administratively, including Grokgak in the subdistrict, counties Buleleng, despite to the distance, it's still very close to Jembrana. The island which has a 1.75 hectare area and there all is a barren forest areas that are not occupied by the people. But this place is often used as a place for worship and spiritual activities both meditative activity. As the name implies, this island is inhabited by many deer. When relaxing in this island, do not be surprised if suddenly appeared from behind a bush horned animal. That he was deer. First, the deer population on the island is quite a lot. However, due to hunting undertaken a number of people who are not responsible, the deer population on the island, shrinking. The government seems aware of it. Conservation by the government to Menjangan Island by putting it in the zone of West Bali National Park (TNBB), is a step to protect deer habitat from extinction.

Menjangan Island is a very precise and even been recognized worldwide as one of the best snorkeling and diving in Bali. One very interesting site is the "Anker Wreck". Here visitors will find the sunken wreck about 150 years ago. In the ship visitors will find ancient artifacts that are very interesting to see. At least eight Menjangan Island dive sites including the first post we have visited, Cave Point, Heading 2, Bat Caves, Tenple Slopes, Coral Garden, Anker Wreck, and the sequence of Eeel Garden southwest of the island around the island. With a limited oxygen supply, dive day will not be enough to explore all these places. On the island of Menjangan also found many rock caves that are home to many typical reef animals. Visitors can find a number of unique animals such as giant eels, clown fish, scorpion fish and sea horses. Even if lucky, visitors can also find sea turtles and reef sharks.

Not only coral reefs and deer. Bali Barat National Park is also known as a habitat for Bali starlings or white starlings . At the first time, hundreds of birds and blue-eyed white fur that inhabit the forest area in TNBB. However, again caused by ignorant hands, a bird that cost could reach Rp 50 million per cow was hunted down and destroyed now. Luckily, there are still breeding on the island of Bali starling Nusa Penida, Klungkung.

How to get there

Towards this location can be from two directions, the first is from the port of Gilimanuk, located about 10km down the thick of the National Park we will meet a junction with the instructions Labuhan Lalang, not far from the intersection of three it lies the entrance to Menjangan Island, charter boats neatly lined up on the pier which is located in a peaceful bay.

While the second line can pass through Singaraja Lovina beach in the area, from this direction will also find the village Labuhan Lalang. To cross to the island of Menjangan we have to hire a motor boat with a fairly affordable rental price and must be accompanied by a guide, the goal is to preserve the habitat of the island of Menjangan both Underwater and above his island.

Go to the location of this crossing ( Labuhan lalang ), travelers can hire a boat of Rp 2,500 per person and for Rp 250 thousand for five hours. This boat can carry a maximum of 12 passengers. Typical of this boat is, the deck is made of glass so that tourists can enjoy the panoramic view from the boat underwater. This design is prepared for the tourists who are reluctant to dive, but want to enjoy underwater panorama.

Where to stay

Actually, there is no accommodation on Menjangan Island though the mainland is only a short boat trip out to some good diving and snorkeling locations. But you can stay overnight in some Hotels that are close to Menjangan Island

Mimpi Menjangan Resort
is situated looking over the lagoon where boats leave to transport divers to Menjangan Island. With hotel style rooms from US$95 or villas from US$195.
They can arrange dive trips with all equipment included.

Menjangan Jungle & Beach Resort
prices from US$55 up to US$210 including breakfast.
Can arrange transfers to Menjangan Island for diving trips.

Aneka Bagus Resort
with 60 rooms with thatched roofs, 39 standard rooms, 5 individual villas, 9 junior suites and 3 family suites.
Prices from US$37 per night.

Taman Sari Bali Cottages
located on Pemuteran Beach not far from Menjangan Island.
Prices from US$42 per night.

Novus Gawana Resort and Spa
located on Menjangan Bay close to the West Bali National Park.
Room rates from US$180.

Amertha Bali Villas and Spa
located at Pemuteran Beach.
Prices from US$75 per night.

Waka Shorea Resort
prices from US$166.50 per night.


Before snorkeling in this area, you'll need to consider the following things to ensure you travel safely and comfortably:

Do not feed the fish. If you ever snorkeling in the area of Benoa, Lovina, or maybe Gili Trawangan, you will surely be equipped with a loaf of bread by your guide to be given to fish that would gather around you. but this should not apply in Menjangan Island.

Do not step on coral. At low tide, the depth of snorkeling area is reduced and allows us to touch the bottom of the sea. Try to keep you afloat with a life jacket and not stepping on corals because it can break coral. Although it looks hard as a rock, but the coral is actually a living creature that can multiply. In addition, taking marine animals like starfish is that you should not do.

The more the morning you come more and more that you can enjoy, because the fish in the area of Menjangan Island will come out of hiding places in the reef in search of food in the form of plankton in surface waters. Meanwhile, when the sun was blazing, then the fish will be hiding behind the rock again.

Always with the Guide and stick with your group. In the first spot, where the snorkeling area shaped trough, you are going down the border and inland trough which sometimes will leave you shocked and panicked because of the shape and depth are different. There is an obelisk-shaped coral reef which separated from the mainland which I think is very spectacular and menkjubkan. But with a little mysterious underwater caves are dark blue underneath.

Bring an underwater camera because you will regret it if you do not capture the beauty of marine parks on the island of Menjangan.

Do not litter. Keep your trash until you return to the mainland on the dock.


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