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The Best Airlines of the world for 2011 with Link for reservation

An airline is an organization providing aviation services for passengers or goods. They rent or own aircraft to offer these services and may form a partnership or alliance with other airlines for mutual benefit.The best service is passenger service, particularly in aircraft flight services include hospitality, food serving, completeness of multi-media technology, comfort seats and other convenience services. Voted by over 18.8 million airline passengers from 100 different nationalities, the World Airline Awards™ are the most prestigious and respected quality recognition of front-line product and service standards across the world airline industry. With 200 airlines featured, the awards reflect customer satisfaction levels across 38 different items of airline front-line product and service. ( source : )

The Best Airlines of the world for 2011

1.Qatar Airways                                 6.Etihad Airways
2.Singapore Airlines                          7.Air New Zealand
3.Asiana Airlines                                8.Qantas Airways
4.Cathay Pacific Airways                   9.Turkish Airlines
5.Thai Airways International             10.Emirates

Information link of International Airflights for booking online

Here they are the link and name of International air flights to make your travel planning more easier when getting to and price compare on your  travel booking online flights schedule.

Air Asia                                Air Canada                          Air China                             
Air France                            Air India                               Air Mauritius            
American Airlines                 British Airways                     Brunei Airlines                  
Cathay Pacific                      China Airlines                      China Southern Airlines    
Emirates                               Etihad Airways                     Eva Air                             
Finn Air                                Gulf Air                                Japan Airlines                   
Jetstar                                  Korean Airlines                    KLM                               
Kuwait Airways                     Lufthansa                             Malaysia Airlines               
Philippine Airlines                Phuket Air                            Qantas                   
Qatar Airways                      Saudi Arabian Airlines          Silk Air                             
Sri Lankan Airlines               Singapore Airlines               Thai Airways                   
Tiger Airways                       Yemen Airways       


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