Sunday, 11 December 2011

Soroake beach : Another unspoiled surfers paradise

Pantai Sorake or soroake beach is one of the best beaches for surfing in the world. Naturally, there are plenty of surfers here, especially in the months of June and July. However, the atmosphere here is quite chilled out, making it a great spot for relaxing on the white sand and messing about in the water. Pantai Sorake can be found in Botohilitano Village,Kabupaten Nias Selatan, or about 125 km west of Sumatra island, while the horseshoe-shaped bay at Teluk Lagundri is a good place to stay as there are plenty of accommodation options as well as restaurants serving fresh seafood, traditional cuisine and popular tourist food.

Sorake Beach Privileges contained the waves which are high and unaffected by the direction of the wind and tides. It lies directly opposite the Ocean Indonesia making this waves reached a height 3-5 meters. The waves have five levels not owned by the other beaches in the world. The Sorake beach is very poluler as one of Indonesia's Tourism, especially for the surfers. Interestingly there are no sloping sand and rocks are scattered in almost all coastal. Those who like peace and quiet should try to visit during the week as it can become rather crowded on the weekend as a number of Indonesian families arrive to spend a day or two at the beach.

In addition, Muara Indah beach, Holi'amaeta, So'arowig, Carlita Beach, Laowomaru beach , Cave Laowomaru, the Bunda beach, Miga, Waterfall Onowaembo, and Namohalu, could be an alternative choice for your visit to this island of Nias. Cultural tourism in the island of Nias is also no less interesting for your visit. Traditional villages on the island of Nias, which still save a number of cultural relics and historical speakers can be a primary choice. With so many sights and cultural diversity on the island of Nias, Nias Island was not wrong if it is equated with the island of Bali. What distinguishes a matter of Bali where the infrastructure is much more complete.

To reach the tourist areas on the island of Nias, tourists can choose the path of sea and air. For the air pathway, the flight to Nias are now quite a lot. There are several airlines serving the route Medan and Nias and Nias-Medan. Medan and Nias long flight after departing from the Polonia Airport and landed at Mount Sitoli Binaka about 55 minutes. And vice versa from the Polonia Binaka distance is also 55 minutes. When choosing sea transport, can be done with KMP ride from Sibolga to Mount Sitoli with long travel 8-10 hours. If the destination to the South Nias means have to travel again through the road trip with the distance of 2 to 3 hours.


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