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Tritip : The crocodiles breeding area on East Kalimantan

The location of captive breeding for crocodiles which are quite famous in the East Kalimantan region is located on Jl Mulawarman No. 66, Village of Tritip, Eastern District of Balikpapan. Located about 28 kilometers and can be reached within 30 minutes from Balikpapan city center, or 20 minutes from the airport of Sepinggan. The place is open for public tours every day from 8:00 to 17:00 pm, with an entrance fee of Rp. 10,000, -/adults. Going to Tritip region, we were greeted by a pair of large alligator statue. There are some inhabited for a few elephants and buffaloes behind the great cage . Just to the opposite, we can see the indigenous newly built of Dayak house . Seems to be used as a meeting hall, or other activities. A few yards further we entering to a new enclosure area inhabited by hundreds of crocodiles, various shapes and sizes.

The Tritip crocodile breeding is a crocodile breeding with the most number of crocodiles in East Kalimantan. Currently there are more than 1450 pieces of crocodiles, consisting of estuarine crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) is the most dominant , and two endangered crocodile species , the freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus siamensis) and crocodiles chopsticks (Tomistoma segelly). In approximately 5 hectares area , thousands of crocodiles is captive in dozens of cages.

Crocodiles are a large reptiles that live in the water. Scientifically, covering all species of crocodile Crocodylidae tribal members, including the crocodile fish (Tomistoma schlegelly). Crocodiles are known as a wild and dangerous animal. As a record, two of the largest crocodile alligator was measured for along 6.2 m . The first crocodile was shot in the Mary River, Northern Territory, Australia in 1974 by a poacher, which is then measured by a forestry officer. Where as the second crocodile was killed in the Fly River, Papua New Guinea. The size of the second crocodile is actually derived from the skin, as measured by Jerome Montague, a wildlife researcher. And because of the size of the skin is always smaller (shrinking) from the original size of the animal, it is believed that the crocodile was at least two measuring over 10 cm long when alive.

Crocodiles are generally inhabit freshwater like rivers, lakes, swamps and other wetlands, but there also live in brackish water such as the estuarine crocodile. The main food crocodile is vertebrate animals such as the nation's fish, reptiles and mammals, sometimes also prey on mollusks and crustaceans depending on the species. Crocodiles are ancient animals, which is only slightly changed due to evolution since the time of dinosaurs.

Given that many of its population continues to decline and toward extinction, many species of crocodiles in various countries to be included in protected status. Four types of crocodiles that exist in Indonesia, namely Crocodylus novaeguineae (New Guinea crocodile); C. porosus (estuarine crocodile); C. siamensis (Siamese crocodiles); and Tomistoma schlegelii (crocodiles sinyulong) has been protected by law. And some of them exist in this breeding sites.

In the Tritip crocodile breeding , visitors can look closely at the movements of these amphibians. Visitors can directly feed with a live chicken or fish to the crocodiles . When the crocodiles fighting over food, here they are the main things that attracted the attention of visitors. Crocodile feeding schedule only twice a week. But, visitors can buy a chicken for Rp 10,000 and direct feed to the crocodiles . For all of the visitors must to obey all of safety instructions contained in the breeding area, although there are crocodiles have been accustomed to be a spectacle, but as the nature of the crocodile as a beast, they remain fierce. But if any of the visitors who have the guts large enough, can also request to be photographed various poses with the crocodiles , of course, it must be accompanied by the handler,

There are also exist some crocodile which enclosure for livestock. This crocodile are breeds for consumed only, special for their meat and skin. So do not be surprised if in Ttritip breeding region we can find shops that sell alligator meat skewers and accessories made from crocodile skin. With the different variations in form and price. For a small alligator bag, sold at prices ranging from Rp.1.080.000, -, if the purses and belts around Rp.300,000, - or more. But, for the sale of crocodile satay, crocodile tangkur , crocodile oil, and others are only available on weekends or holidays. Happy traveling!


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