Thursday, 3 November 2011

Another attraction travel on Bali

Bali, exotic and beautiful island, offers immense experience an unforgettable tour for the rest of your life. From the edge of clean white beaches and impressive, until the tiered rice fields at the edge of the hill, enjoy the pampering you during your tour in this island. For those of you who want to enjoy the holiday atmosphere is different and unique, there are several tourist attractions that you should try during a vacation in Bali, try a variety of interesting attractions in Bali as follows.

Seeing the dolphins.
Seeing a dolphin clustered closely in the wild, an experience that you can rarely meet. but in Bali, you can feel it. Visit to the Lovina beach area of ​​Kalibukbuk , North Bali. To see the attraction of dolphins, the early morning you will be brought out to sea within approximately 1 hour drive from Lovina beach. From the boat, you can watch dozens of dolphins which swim across the high seas, sometimes dolphins jumping and flying into the air for a while. This attraction lasted about 2 hours.

Riding the elephant.
Riding an elephant in Bali is a unique and exciting experience for tourists as well as safe, because unlike elephants in other parts of Indonesia. Elephants in Bali is very tame and understand. Things to ride an elephant found in Bakas Village, District Banjarangkan, Klungkung, which offers a relaxing and unique tour. In this village you can see the natural beauty of the backs of elephants. Tracks are skipped is an area on the banks of rivers, plantations, rice fields, and some of the local fauna. Feel the sensation of the back of an elephant handler guided for 30-60 minutes, with prices ranging from Rp360.000-Rp820.000 including pick-up from and to hotel, park entrance fees, lunch, and accident insurance.

Submarine attraction
Odyssey Travel submarines located in Labuhan Amuk, Ubud Bali, guided the pilot and copilot. The ship was going to dive at a depth of 35 meters below sea level for 45 minutes. This is a fantastic way to see underwater life without soaking wet. Odyssey package starts with the price-Rp620.000 Rp385.000 including transportation costs, lunch, insurance, and certificates.

Sea Travel Walker at Sanur Beach Bali.
Sea Walker is a unique way for those who want to take a walk on the ocean floor like walking on land. This tour offers travel seafloor with feet flat on the sandy seabed. In this type of travel are protected only the head of a helmet that is impermeable to water and oxygen through hoses which will transfer the need for support while under water. Enjoy the adventure for 45 minutes with Rp600 thousand and feel to play with the fish and other marine animals.

Travel by ATV (All Terrain Vehicle).
Do not miss also the experience of roaming wildlife tourism in Bali with ATV (all terrain vehicle) which means all-terrain vehicle in the village of Gede Wongaya, Penebel, Tabanan, about 57 km from Denpasar City. Tourist route which passed at 9 miles and through the village of Gede and Tengkudak Wongaya for 2 hours with a challenging track, dirt road sloping, rocky, calcareous, well past the irrigation lines. Enough with the cost Rp525.000, you can also enjoy nature trails are challenging it. Also, try Land Rover Jeep tours are also impressive in the village of Jati Luih Bali and enjoy a variety of obstacles through which the village and the stunning scenery at a price of Rp600 thousand including transportation, lunch, and insurance.


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