Sunday, 6 November 2011

Free ebook : Speedlights & speedlites for photography

Speedlights & speedlites for photography
The potential of the ubiquitous desktop or laptop computer today is barely realized. Because they are so overwhelming the average person only uses a small portion of the computer’s capability. The computers in Speedlights /Speedlites are equally sophisticated. Most photographers barely test them. This book proposes to uncloak the complexities of Speedlights / Speedlites in plain, systematically organized segments. There are no ratios to calculate. No formulas to memorize. Using your eyes, imagination, intuition, and the LCD/histogram, you can design, meter, and modify one or many Speedlights / Speedlites to create drama, color, mood, eff ects, depth of fi eld, or just more natural looking images. This text will showcase examples and their respective lighting diagrams for your perusal. It is set up so you can read from cover to cover or just those parts you need for your next assignment. Combined with the camera and Speedlight / Speedlites manuals, you can quickly perfect a whole new set of skills.
Presented by : Lou Jones,Bob Keenan,Steve Ostrowski
File size : 11Mb


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