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Tips to packing before traveling

Bags, an important element during a vacation. All kinds of stuff you need while on vacation would be in the bag. To facilitate access to complete all your needs, proper packing is the solution that you must do before making the trip. The lack of accuracy, adequacy in the packing of goods, it can be difficult for you during travel especially relating to a matter of time. There are a few tips and tricks for those of you who have not been accustomed to packing luggage, and here they are some tips to pack your stuff .

Things to consider before packing

1. Adjust how long the day that you spend for a vacation with a large amount of clothing brought.
2. Find information about the destination field conditions that you want to go, and specify the activity you want to do
3. Classify the types of goods into two categories, items with large size and small-sized and lightweight goods.
4. Bring a big suitcase and a backpack, this is better than a small suitcase in large quantities
5. Complete the suitcase with the identity.
6. Do not force to pack the goods with excessive content.
7. Remember that you will buy new stuff during vacation, and therefore provide enough place.

Things to do when packing

1. Money and travel documents.
-.Put your passport, ID, ticket and document in one special pocket in your hand carry. This way will be easier to find, save time, and you don’t have to scramble your bag just to find the document.

2. Accessories and clothing.
-. Bring some dark-colored clothing to be worn many times and is suitable to be integrated with many models of clothes.
-. Bring some extra accessories such as scarves, necklaces, or brooches in order to sweeten the clothes. So you can wear the same clothes twice, but combined with different accessories.
-. Fold and roll the clothes first. As well as saving space, rolled-up clothing can also reduce tangles on your shirt. For clothing shirt made from a lightweight and thin, can roll up as many as two or three pieces at once.
-. There are good before putting into the bag, put the clothes into plastic bags first . This prevents clothes getting wet in case of rain. unless you're used traveling waterproof suitcase.
-. Always prepare a plastic bag , it may reserve sufficiently to bring your dirty clothes. Soiled clothing should also be folded before being put into the bag.
-. Save a set of clothing and separate them into different bags. Of course as anticipation for emergency reasons, in case your suitcase or backpack that you enter to the luggage was lost or missed. If the worry will increase the burden bag, choose clothing with lightweight materials such as cotton or jerseys.

3. Cosmetics, toiletries and emergency medications .
-. If you going by flight and you bring cosmetics or toiletries, you may not bring liquid or gel substance in your hand carry bag, due to airport security procedure.
-. Don’t forget to put in your liquid cosmetics or toiletries in a waterproof pouch or a plastic bag to avoid the leaking or broken tube and exposed to your clothing.
-. Choose cosmetics and toiletries in mini or travel pack.
-. Fragile stuff like perfume bottle, shall be put it in a plastic bag or waterproof pouch and put it among your clothes so it might have cushion in case of got hit or bump.
-. Carry emergency medications that have been grouped into a separate small bag that you can take while traveling.

Hopefully some of these tips can help you during packing. Happy packing :)


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