Friday, 25 November 2011

Phinisi : Luxurious and thoughness from Bulukumba boat maker

Phinisi is a traditional sailing boat from Indonesia. The toughness for sailing in every ocean is no doubt. Phinisi in originaly word comes from the word of Venice, some other are saying that Phinisi derived from the name of the fish. And you know where the origin of the boats Phinisi was made? If you have not already, please visit Bulukumba region located in the coastal area of Tanjung Bira, south Sulawesi.There you will see some boats that are being or entity in the stage production along the shore. This region is the main center for the birthplace of the boats Phinisi. Phinisi is a ship that is very famous for its strength in the ocean surf. Phinisi timber ships have been used in Indonesia since a few centuries ago, is expected to ship Phinisi existed before the year 1500s.

Types of traditional boats that have become a trademark Bulukumba nautical tradition of ancestor Indonesia. Bugis Makassar is one of the nation's maritime heir. Considerable evidence suggests they may possess the expertise of the sea with a sailboat. Overseas they've known since many centuries ago. They not only controlled the waters of the archipelago, but since a few centuries ago also wandered far beyond national borders. Considerable evidence suggests that since the first Bugis Makassar sailors have arrived in the Malay Peninsula, Singapore, Filipinos, Northern Australia, Madagascar .

Phinisi vessel consists of three front screen (jib Sails), 2 main screen (main Sails) and 2 display at the top (top Sails). These vessels are often used to transport goods between islands. Making boats usually begins with a search of wood in the forest. Type of wood used as material for wooden boats is ironwood as the main timber, lumber and wood kandoleng bitti. For boats Phinisi used as tourist boat, the wood used age 20 to 30 years, while for the old wooden fishing boats used 10 years. Phinisi boat made from the outside in, and are generally built with a hull (boat body) the same, namely ketimun. It choose by shaped of coconut fiber or wood that is straight and long, especially for the manufacture of keel boats, usually used ironwood. With the ritual ceremony preceded the laying off of wood or iron that has been carved ironwood. The process of making this boat is quite a long time about a year.

A few weeks ago, on 8 November 2011, a new history that has been carved by the people in Bulukumba boat maker. A boat Phinisi 4 billion rupiahs worth of orders from Poland , da most luxurious and largest ever made in history of Bulukumba This boat has a length of 50 meters and the widest part of nearly 10 meters, with a manufacturing process that takes approximately 9 months. That trust which is given from the Poland nation is an achievement of the great pride for the community Bulukumba, and the Indonesia community at large.

The only timber ships with a length of 31 meters, weighs 150 tons which had also earn the respect of military aircraft carrier USS America military Constelation when the ship Phinisi screen is cruised at Home Bay and bumped into the mother ship with 80.000 tons dead weight, made of steel and powered by nuclear, which is the middle leaned against it. Attendance for Phinisi is inviting admiration from entire crew were present at the time. This trip was taken from Indonesia to Vancouver, who was holding an international event. Many of Cruise and liveaboard company using this Phinisi boat as they main attraction for tourist luxurious at the sea . As the national cultural heritage, Phinisi is the pride of Bugis society and Indonesian .


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