Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Planning a hiking route tips

Before we do a journey to climb a mountain , we should be better to make a plan so we can enjoy the journey without worry feels .

This is a simple tips we should to do :
1. Distance.
Every mountaineer can walk approximately 8 until 16 Km each day with carrying fully load of backpack .

2. Fields.
Road and path field is very influence a physic of mountaineer ability . More over planning time is better than be just enough.

3. First day.
First day in wild nature is time to fit with all climb gear , it such like backpack , shoes or physically movement. If you never climb for a long time , better to do physically practice .

4. Rest day .
For mountain that have a long route , its better to add more days . This is can make us relax and enjoying the trip .

5. Skills.
Avoid to make a climbing plan that overing physic capability and minus knowledge of mount climb in order to get success target climb .

6. Alternative .
When you planning to climb, its better to add on more route as an alternative if main route doesn't seem to pass .

7. Avoid crowded season.
Avoid crowded climb season , because it makes us cannot enjoying the trip .

This is just tips when we want to reach a comfortly climb trip. Do the best to avoid any anoyying experience and bad climbing trip.


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