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10 Amazing rocks in the world

No one can imagine how it works and it can be , beautiful and amazing rocks born from the  nature works. scattered in various parts of the world. Creating structure and odd shapes that can not be explained by a low level language, amazing and unbelievable. Here they are, ten amazing stones were scattered around the world.

1. Devils Tower, United States
Tower in northeastern Wyoming was first declared a national monument by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. Devils Tower looks so dashing in a height of about 386 meters with outer layers eroding it seem more exotic. According to the story, Devils Tower was made because of the seven young girl who was stalked by a giant bear. Then suddenly came the high walls of the ground to protect them from the reach of bears.

2. Hexagon Swimming , Israel
Near the hills of the Golan Heights, Irael and Syria, you can see the pool named Hexagon . The most striking feature of this place is located in the dry and volcanic rocks. Each beautifully carved into basalt rock at the top was also made a shadow that fell into the river water

3. Cyclopean Islands, Italy
If you want to see the Cyclopean, taken up into the southeastern coast of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea. Has a unique Cyclopean rocks unlike any other, where the creation of overlapping stones naturally. Many tales are attached to the formation of basalt columns Cyclopean.

4. Jusangjeolli, South Korea
Jusangjeolli is a natural volcanic basalt rocks large stretches about 3.5 km near the coast in Seogwipo, Jeju Island. High rocks in South Korea can reach 20 meters (60 feet).

5. Cave of Fingal, Scotland
The island on the coast of Staffa, Scotland has become one of the geological wonders of the world because it has a dimension of black basalt formed from volcanic eruptions. High rocks Fingal can reach 23 m (75 ft).

6. Garni Gorge, Armenia
Other geological wonders found in the Garni Gorge. Although located in Armenia, this basalt rock face of Devils Tower is almost the same as those in the United States. There was a Hellenistic temple you can find in the Garni Gorge. This column is renowned for its unique stone as a feature stone "Symphony of the Stones" and "organ pipe"

7. Gilbert hill, India
Gilbert Hill is located in Mumbai, India. Basal as high as 197 feet (60 meters) is also an old column (about 65 years) are almost similar to the Devils Tower. But unfortunately this column is considered dangerous because it prone to landslides.

8. Devils Postpile, California, United States
One more natural wonders in America, the Devils Postpile. These basalt columns can be found near Mammoth Mountain, California, or more precisely on the east border of Nevada. Devils Postpile probably formed about 100 thousand to 700 thousand years ago from volcanic material

9. Svartifoss, Iceland
Skaftafell National Park Iceland there has been an amazing basalt rock, which is Svartifoss. This is rock as well as high waterfall about 12 meters (39 feet).

10. Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland
For this last place, can be found in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Giant's Causeway into the most stunning scenery with 40,000 black basalt columns are expected to be made more than 60 million years


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