Monday, 14 November 2011

10 Tips to avoid your trip being uncomfortable

Traveling is an activity that very exciting, of course, based on feeling of happiness or satisfaction gained from each of the individuals who undergo these activities. But not infrequently may travel becoming a very bad thing, when we forget some pretty important things such as following a few tips below.

-Check the latest updates weather or another political situation for your destination.
-Double check to ensure your passport has at least six months until it expires.
-Stock up on routine medical supplies; make sure that you have all the requisite vaccines. If there are any particular requirements for the place you are visiting, keep those in mind.
-Keep in mind that you may be jet lagged. Prepare for that as well as for altitude sickness if there are any high altitude destinations on the itinerary.
-Carry adequate sun block; sun burn can be painful and may require treatment. The long term problems of sun exposure such as skin cancer and premature aging are other reasons. Consider if there will be insects or animals where you go and be equipped accordingly.
-Be careful of drinking water wherever you go. Tap water is not suitable for drinking in many countries; and can cause more than just indigestion. Serious illnesses can result. Also keep in mind the ice that you use; inquire where and how it was made; sometimes ice can be a culprit even if you have been using bottled water.
-While you are traveling, it’s very hard to follow the basic eating schedules, which keep you healthy and fit. Its better to maintain your basic eating schedules as soon as possible.
-Be careful about what and where you eat. Sometimes salad may not be the best bet; they may not be properly washed and there could be contamination. The better bet is to make sure the meat and vegetables that you eat are properly cooked through. This eliminates most germs.
-Explore the local markets, When you cannot find some healthy staple you regularly consume, try to explore the local markets for healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.
-Be clean, While consuming food, make sure that your hands are clean. Many travelers love to explore the local places they are staying and love to eat at a local place.


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