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Bantimurung waterfalls : The popular destination in South Sulawesi

Sulawesi island would be a paradise tourist destinations in Indonesia. There are so many beautiful and impressive attractions that we can visit on the island of Sulawesi. One of the most famous tourist attraction in southern Sulawesi province is Bantimurung waterfalls. Why Bantimurung tourist attraction is so popular ? If you've seen and heard information about Niagara Falls that was so well known in New york United States, thus Bantimurung Waterfalls, had little in common with Niagara Falls. But Bantimurung waterfalls just only have a width of 20 meters with a height of about 15 meters, with a discharge volume of water that quite a lot.

Bantimurung Waterfalls is located in Maros regency, Bantimurung District. With an area of ± 118 ha, Bantimurung consists of limestone rock which forms by steep hills on either side of the river Bantimurung. Bantimurung Waterfalls has water passage in form by wide rocky, bumpy, smooth and beautiful. Unlike most other waterfalls that create a trench in the water at crash site, then Bantimurung Waterfalls which 15 meters height does not create trench.

Other than because essentially form by hard rock area, as well as the contours of a sloping rock waterfall serves as a propagation, thereby reducing the power of hit Bantimurung Waterfalls. Under the waterfall flowthere was a bathing place of ground limestone and covered with a layer of hard minerals from the water flow for hundreds of years.

The depth of water inside natural pool of Bantimurung waterfalls is between the ankles to the waist. Bantimurung Waterfalls is a very popular with visitors to feel the crystal clear waterfall massage from. It is certainly spoil every tourist who comes to immediately soak enjoy the beautiful panorama around the waterfall. Besides having a waterfall, this tourist area is also habitat for many species of rare butterflies, so this place is dubbed as the "Kingdom of Butterfly".

Stone Caves and Cave of Dreams are also being the major attractions for visitors to Bantimurung. Because in there, we can explore those caves get a very unusual experience, inside cave we can see various kinds of stone reliefs formed by dripping water hanging on the ceiling of the cave that looks beautiful with crystal collection.

For the adventure-minded tourists, you can enjoy rafting sports inside this tourist area. the route taken is from the bottom of the waterfall to a suspension bridge which is located within Bantimurung, with notes ; the manager will provide rafting when the water conditions were great able to bring inflatable boats for rafting.

How to get there

1. From the center of Makassar, the location can be achieved using a motor, car or bicycle. ± distance takes 1-1 1/2 hours. If the rent of public transport, the cost of about Rp. 10,000-Rp. 15,000 / person.
2. If you come from Sultan Hasanuddin airport, tourist locations can be reached about 30-45 minutes by bike, car or public transport. Transportation costs incurred when using public transport, around Rp. 6,000 - Rp. 7500 / person
3. If you're in Center City Maros, tourist sites can be reached about 15-30 minutes by car or motorcycle (40 km / h).

Travel Tips

1. The best time to visit here is during the morning so as not to hot. Always wear sunblock with a hat are also prepared.
2. Admission price of Bantimurung National Parks: Rp 10,000
3. Beverage prices an average of 1.5 times more expensive than the normal price.


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