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Bunaken marine park - beautiful place to diving

Bunaken Marine National Park had an area of 75,265 hectares with five islands as a major, namely Pulau Bunaken, Manado Tua Island, Siladen Island, Island Mantehage and the last is Naen Island. Although this five islands marine park are closed together, only the most famous Bunaken Island as a dive sites. Bunaken Island area is in the Gulf part of  Manado city , provincial capital of North Sulawesi.  Bunaken Marine National Park is one of the most beautiful marine park in the world, famous for its coral formations which are very beautiful and spacious. This marine park have habitats of fish in more than 3000 species that need to be guarded from extinction such as lolosi yellow tail fish (Lutjanus kasmira), fish gusumi horse (hippocampus and horses), goropa (ephinephelus spilotoceps), white oci (seriola rivoliana) and many others.

How to get there ?

The simply and easiest way to get there is by an airplane . From any direction you just have to go to Manado city at North Sulawesi island in Indonesia . Landing at Sam Ratulangi International airport then go to Manado harbor (MARINA ). Bunaken National Park can be reached through the port of Manado, Marina Nusantara Diving Centre (NDC) in the District of Molas and Marina Blue loud. From the Port of Galway using a motorboat to the island can be reached Siladen 20 minutes, 30 minutes Bunaken Island, the island Montehage 50 minutes and 60 minutes Nain island. Blue Banter Marina with a yacht that is available to the tourist area on the island of Bunaken be taken within 10-15 minutes, while the NDC to the port on the island of Bunaken dive sites by using speed boat taken within 20 minutes.

There a lot of boats in the harbor , and you can charter the boat to Bunaken.The Price is the range of Rp 350 000 until Rp 750.000. For speed boat itspublic boat who also just once a day of departure from Manado to Bunaken price for this trasportation is more cheaper and count per person Rp 25.000 per person. But for the return offorced to tomorrow morning at 7 AM for departures only once daily. All visitors to the Bunaken National Park (divers and non divers) are required to pay the entrance fee, according to Government Regulation No. North Sulawesi. 9 / 2002. The entrance fee for foreigners is Rp 50 000 for a daily ticket (approximately U.S. $ 6), or Rp 150,000 (approximately U.S. $ 17) to get the tag (badge) signed a waterproof plastic which is valid for one calendar year.

What to see ?

With snorkeling, simply by floating on the sea, you seemed to be under the sea. Why? Because, he's just being on the surface you may feeling comfort at the sea water below. Can clearly be seen a sight such a world-class marine park. Coral reefs that grow naturally into a habitat for the ornamental fish that you can enjoy just by looking over it. You are like hypnotized and are willing to linger to enjoy the underwater life of Bunaken. And with Scuba Diving, you can explore and may participate with a clear taste sensation of life under the sea there. One of a variety of fish is an angel fish that have nests in their own territory. This type of fish form the group consisting of one male and several females. Interestingly, this fish is born as females when adult males changed. Another uniqueness of this fish is capable of making a tap in the water. Maybe that's because of its uniqueness, make it known as an angel. Amazing is not it? You can observe objects clearly under the sea was much closer and more alive. Remove your stress and enjoy the beauty of Bunaken marine. Visit this link for further information about diving sites in Bunaken island

Where to stay ?

There are so many hotels and inns in Manado with so many different charge for one night . i found this while googling , may be it can help you to find hotels while you are traveling to bunaken .

*. Bastianos Dive Resort, ☎ +62 431 3325678 (, Full service dive resort.

*.Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort, ☎ +62 813 56930370, On the eastern side of Bunaken; 10 cottages all with en-suite bathrooms (hot water showers), large balconies, all superior cottages are equipped with A/C. Private white sand beach, "House Reef" with floating pontoon for snorkelers, massage treatments available. Restaurant above the beach, Wifi throughout the resort, PADI Dive Center. Skype: bunakenchacha. Packages start from US$75 per person/per night ; Accommodation & Dive Packages from US$165 per person/per night..

*.Bunaken SeaGarden Resort, (Pangalisang beach), ☎ +6281244738802, On a beautiful location at Pangalisang Beach, a small and cosy resort with spacious cottages built in a traditional style. All cottages have nice veranda and modern style bathrooms. Right in front of the resort you wil find the Bunaken Timur Reef. The high tide creates a long natural swimming pool along the resort and at low tide a shady and sandy beach appears. From €15 inclusive all meals, coffee, tea and water.

*.Bunaken Village Resort, Located along the Pangalisang beach on the east coast of Bunaken. 8 cottages, restaurant, dive shop, beach bar, and swimming pool around a nicely landscaped small garden. Rooms €25-28, 2 boat dives €45.

*.Cicak Senang Resort (Happy Gecko), Liang Beach, ☎ +62 852 5665 0099 (, Five wooden bungalows on a hillside with spacious bathroom and a beautiful view. Breezy beachside restaurant and bar. Good snorkeling right in front of the resort. Snorkeling tours and dolphinwatching tours are offered. The owner Jerry is a Bunaken original who knows a lot about the island and he is happy to show you around. Families with children welcome. Rp 250,000 per person per night fullboard.

*.Froggies Divers, A high quality dive operator with comfortable bungalows and excellent food.

*.Living Colours, ☎ +62 812 4306063,. Diver-oriented resort run by the shop of the same name. The bungalows are spacious and clean. Rooms €35/person including three excellent meals.

*.Lorenso's Bungalows,. 5 min down the coast from Living Colours, offering cheaper but more basic bungalows at Rp 125,000- 250,000 per person

*.Panorama Resort. Cheapest room is 135,000 Rp. The rooms for 150,000 Rp have a nice view on the sea but are quite basic. The food is very good, but you have to buy your own drinking water. Tea and coffee are only available at mealtimes and if you ask for it. Staff here tends to be quite rude. The beach on this side of the island is not very nice and the corals are mostly dead.

*.Two Fish Divers, ☎ +62 811 432805, Small and friendly PADI Gold Palm IDC Resort based on Bunaken Island. Cottages are basic but comfortable, and are right in front of the mangroves. The food is reliable, if monotonous. Vegetarians are usually offered fresh grilled fish in place of meat dishes. Offers fun dives for experienced and inexperienced divers, with small groups of 2-4 divers per dive guide. Also offers a full range of PADI dive courses from Open Water Course through to Instructor. Rooms from €12 to €25 per person..

For hotels in Manado hotel with affordable prices ranging from Rp 150.000 until Rp 200.00

H. Central 0431.851234.
H. Celebes 0431.870425. Losmen Unique Inn 0431.864987.
H. Regina 0431.850090. H. Emerald 0431.844944.

For medium range hotels from the price of Rp 250.000 until Rp 350.000

H. GranCentral 0431.878888 .
H. Sahid Kawanua 0431.867777.
H. New Queen 0431.855551. H. Wisata 0431.860908.
H. Formosa 0431.854555.

For the 3-4 star hotels with prices upwards of Rp 400.000.

H. Quality 0431.8883888.
H. Ritzy 0431.855555.
H. GranPuri 0431.822888.

Where to eat and shop ?

If you're traveling to Manado, North Sulawesi , do not forget to visit the local souvenir center Wanea, Mercifull Building, which is open for 24 hours. At the center of this gift, you can shop while enjoying the music typical of the area.Thousands of souvenirs you can find in here is like, typical food and beverage North Sulawesi, a variety of fabrics and clothing. Not only that, various knick-knacks are also unique handicrafts here.Every day, local and foreign tourists have never stopped coming and shopping at this place. You also can order a typical traditional house of Minahasa miniature, with affordable prices .
Sineleyan restaurants in Tomohon. This place can be your outlet to satisfy culinary desires. As the name suggests, the menu presents Sineleyan lot of fish, sea water and fresh water. Processed according to a typical course of Manado

Tips on the go

1. The best season to visit the Bunaken Marine National Park is in May to August

2. For your comfort and your spouse during the Bunaken, book accommodation and dive package in advance. For lodging, currently widely available in the beach resort island of Bunaken. These resorts are equipped with support facilities that support your comfort such as clean water, electricity, bathroom and western style toilet, a comfortable mattress and mosquito net and fan, wireless internet connection, as well as bars and restaurants open. Bastiano's, Bunaken Village, Cha Cha, Daniel's Homestay, Panorama, Scubana Dive Cottage, Seabreeze Resort, and Two Fish are the names of the diving resorts spread across two point dive at Bunaken Island, Beach and Coastal Pangalisang Liang.

3. Prepared your cash money for additional purpose.

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For more info to Bunaken and Manado city , try this:


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