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Celuk village : The next trip to Ubud , Bali

After passing by the village of Batubulan, to get to Ubud, we will pass the Celuk village. Celuk village is located in the district sukawati within 10km from the city of Denpasar. Celuk village could become a haven of considerable interest, especially for those of you who like to see and buy jewelry made from gold and silver. Gold and silver handicrafts are produced in Celuk villages have a high-grade quality and able to produce in large quantities. Various types and creations of jewelry , both as an export commodity and souvenirs, manufactured in the village such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, studs, Bross and various other types of jewelry.

As a tourist village, Celuk can be visited every day for a closer look to the worker who are creating the gold and silver jewelry with high quality. Celuk tourist village is becoming known as a silvers mith area since 1976. According to information from some villagers in Celuk, at that time, there were only 3 silver craftsmen in the village. They are making jewelry from silver, which then place it in front of the house. When the development of tourism began to be felt in Bali and many tourists who flock to the island, eventually emerging new silver craftsmen which follow the three steps of the craftsmen.

Entering Celuk village on either side of the road, there are so many lined art shop. Almost all display and sell silver and gold. Various models and forms neatly displayed in glass display case, making it easier for visitors to choose and see the variety and creativity of gold and silver in the village. The gold and silvers craft exhibition space are big enough, you can find in some shops along the main highway, and this room is usually crowded by tourists group. If you are interested, do not be awkward to go and see the jewelry. For happily, art shop keeper will let us go and see for the crafts that they display.

Art shop keeper was usually dressed in mild traditional uniform, but some are dressed in uniforms from each art shop. The shelves display U-shaped followed the shape of the room. Craft items organized by categories whether it be jewelry, utensils, or ornaments. On the shelves of jewelry, rings will be on display together or side by side with the earrings, brooches, bracelets, pendants, chains, and similar. Glasses will be display on near the kettle, dishes, order desk, spoons, and forks. While fan, miniature motorcycles, gadang home miniature, giant lock, tricycles, and other displays will be next to each other. Tourists are also allowed to visit the workshop of making silver and gold handycrafts. You can see up close how the gold and silver were processed into handicrafts that have a high quality value. Here you can also order jewelery to suit your taste if given samples or sketches.

In general craft items on display, they have been attached by label of the price, but visitors who intend to buy can make an offer. Prospective buyers may bid to get the price as they wish. Sometimes, the buyer managed to get the craft items that they want at half of the price from price tag. If you are interested in buying jewelry souvenir in form of gold or silver , its better to stop by the Celuk village first.

Tips for buying jewelry in Celuk village 

1. To facilitate the bidding process and obtain the appropriate price according to you, you'd better bring a friend or relative who can speak Balinese.
2. Before deciding to buy jewelry here, watch and carefully for the jewelry in advance, whether it is in conformity with the design you want? Do not hesitate to ask and look more closely at the jewelry you want to buy.
3. According to some sellers in the shop, they do not like the tourists who talk too much but not buying the goods. So it's better for you to fully looking at to the jewelry you want to buy.
4. If you make an offer, try to bid in the rupiah and bargain up to half price , if you're lucky, you can buy jewelry at half price.


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