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Ambarawa Railway Museum : Enter the past of colonialisme era

There are so many interesting places you can visits in Indonesia, and one of them is in the town that lies between Semarang and Salatiga. The city is known as Ambarawa . In addition , Ambarawa stored a rich culture and history behind their beautiful nature. The most historical place stored in Ambarawa is the Railway Museum. This museum had a lot of train completeness ever victorious in his day. The museum is also claimed to be the only museum in the world with many of steam locomotives collection, and still able to climb the mountain. In colonial times, All the train in this station is used as a means of public transport to serve passengers and agricultural products around the site.

To traverse the hilly area, in the middle of the railway there is a special metal plate according to make it easier while climbing the hill. Ambarawa Railway Museum has a collection of 21 major steam locomotive. Some of them, have a high historical value, the C28 locomotive German factory-made, was helping the fugitive of President Sukarno from Jakarta to Yogyakarta in 1946. While the locomotive D5106 had served in Hedjaz Railway and transport paths of pilgrims as well as the Turkish army logistics.

The famous one of the steam locomotive number B 2502 and B 2503 made in Maschinenfabrik Esslingen are still able to conduct business as a tourist railway today. Toothed steam train is unique and is one of three remaining rural steam locomotive in the world. Two of them were in Switzerland and India. In addition to the unique collection, you can still see the different types of steam locomotives, strating from types B, C, and D with most major types of CC (CC 5029, Schweizerische Lokomotiv und Maschinenfabrik) in front of the Museum .

Entering Ambarawa Railway Museum is like passing through a time machine. Because the nuances of ancient times are still very strong, as seen from the old equipment such as the old-fashioned telephones, typewriters, adding machines, cable machines, the old stamp tickets, to a variety of hats machinist and another equipment that makes you feel like returning to the past. In addition, there are historical photographs of railways in Indonesia and another ancient objects are still stored either in a shelf made of glass.. On either side of the buildings lined up a comfortable old wooden chair if you want to enjoy the fresh evening breeze.

In the holiday season, weekend, or when there was a lot of tourists, The green tourist train carriage covered with yellow ornament has a capacity of 15-20 passengers will be run along the rail Ambarawa - Tuntang. This train carriage usually pulled by a locomotive B5202 or B5203 which is the old locomotives made ​​Maschinenfabriek Esslingen, Germany. For every tourist who want to feel the riding experience of the locomotive train. These museums charge a fee of 3.5 million rupiah (+ / - 400 USD) for a travel route using the old train that can carry up to a maximum of 40 people.

The course of history "old days" had a distance of about 20 miles round trip, from Ambarawa station to Bedono station in two hours travel time. Although old, the only remaining locomotive in three places in the world is still able to pull carriages and climb mountains to Bedono Station. Even the rates are very expensive for departure comparable to gained the experience while riding the jagged steam train is worthed. Along the way, your eyes will be spoiled with the charming landscape of rice paddies and fields with Mountain Merbabu and Ungaran as a backcground, and Pening Swamp in the distance. Not just a mere excursion train, the journey is both a trail of railway tracks in Indonesia.

Railway Museum Ambarawa
JI. Ambarawa station. No.1 Ambarawa
phone: (0298) 591035
Get tickets
Adults: Rp 3,000 / people
Children: Rp 2,000 / people

Train travel
Jagged Train Travel Packages from Ambarawa station - Bedono Rp 3.25 million for capacities of 40 people as far as 9 km (rates subject can change according to the price of fuel wood ) * Updated November 2011. Tourism Lori Ambarawa station - Tuntang 5 km at a cost of Rp 10.000 / people at least 15 people.

Additional Information
Every year after 5 days from Eid-ul Fitri day, the manager opened the opportunity for tourists who want to ride the Locomotive Steam Railway Jagged individually with cost of Rp 100,000, - per-person by one trip daily schedule in the morning.


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