Thursday, 9 February 2012

The stunning and beauty of Samalona island

If you want to find another alternative tourist attractions beside the island of Bali. You may visit the island of Sulawesi as your destination. Sulawesi is one major islands in Indonesia. Wakatobi, Selayar and Takabonerate, is one of many small and beautiful islands around large Sulawesi island. Sulawesi is an island that holds group of very beautiful little islands, you can visit as a place to perform various beaches and diving activities. This time, we will invite you to look at one small island in Sulawesi located in the southern city of Makassar. The island is known as Samalona island.

Administratively, the island is located in the Makassar Strait, or rather on the southwest coast of South Sulawesi and the western entrance Wajo districts with a distance of about 2 km. Samalona island can be seen clearly from the Citadel Fort Rotterdam in the Keling - Makassar with a distance of only about 500 meters from the edge of the cliff fortress Fort Rotterdam. Samalona island is a coral archipelago with a circular area 2.34 acres. with a diameter of not more than 100 m2 with a height of land about 3 meters above sea level. The island has white sand with its cool air and the green line of trees and lush.

The main attraction on this island is diving and snorkeling. The clearly blue ocean water expanse with golden sand circled around these small island, the water was very clear to be able to compel every traveler who came to this remote island willing to swim or dive among the colorful fish. There were seven ships belonging to some countries directly involved in World War 2. Various types of cargo ships either, warships or submarines were sunk in the waters around the Samalona island. This makes some diving spot were so mysterious and beautiful. In addition, you can also enjoying sunset or sunrise time on the island. To reach the island of Samalona is not difficult, the tourists can rent / charter a boat from a population of around Losari Napier City. Boat rental prices between Rp 350 - 500 thousand depending on the negotiations, with a capacity of 10 people mileage required approximately 45 minutes.

Samalona island does have a stunning beauty, and is perfect for Cast Away holiday concept, because although the location of the island is pretty close to Makassar city, but its provide another setting that's so quiet away from technology, it could be the main attraction for tourists who are fed up of activities and want to be alone in a remote island. Natural beauty and friendly people at the island of Samalona make the travelers do not forget to visit one of Indonesia's wealth of nations.

Travel Tips

1. Lodging prices between Rp 300,000 - Rp 500,000 for each day, before deciding, it is better, for you to check the condition of existing facilities.
2. One set of rents snorkeling equipment is more than Rp 30.000 until Rp 50.000 . Consider for the feasibility of the tools you will use.
3. If you want to see sunrise and sunset, went to the island during the day and returned to Makassar on the next day, and avoid to come in the rainy season.
4. On this island there is no fresh water unless you want to buy with expensive price, bring enough drinking water, adjust the length of your stay time on the island.
5. Bring mosquito repellent lotion.


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