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Morotai island : East Indonesia hidden paradise as a major on Indonesia sail event 2012

One years ago. Sail Wakatobi-Belitung had managed successfully. as in the quote that we see from Sailor from Florida, United States, Barbara, said the committee provides a stopover point in the series of 26 Sail-Belitong Wakatobi 2011. Each point has its own uniqueness. "It's great to see diversity in Indonesia. Every stop, I can have a new experience," said Barbara, Wednesday (10/12/2011). The results of Barbara's visit, show that Indonesia is much more beautiful than every information he ever got. It's so much beauty and variety. "If I had more time, we will stay longer at each transit point," he said.

Morotai Island Indonesia

And now The Indonesia sail event will be held at Morotai Island on September 2012 , Just like what the Official site of Indonesia goverment said on ; " The government decided to hold the Sail Morotai 2012 with the aim of supporting the development acceleration of Indonesia’s marine resources and celebrating the 67th Anniversary of Indonesia's Independence Day as well.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono through Presidential Decree Kepres No. 4/2012 that was signed on January 24, assigned the Coordinating Minister for the People’s Welfare, Agung Laksono, as Chairman of steering committee and Minister of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs, Cicip Sutardjo, as Chairman of the Sail Morotai 2012 organizing committee."

What kind profile of Morotai island that will be as a host in 2012 Indonesia sail event ?

Morotai Island was one of the outer islands of Indonesia, located adjacent to the Pacific Ocean and Philipine, has an area of 695 square miles / 1,800 km ². The island is located in North Maluku province and considered as the "Hidden paradise of East Indonesia". The island holds several natural beauty which is so stunning, on the sea and on the land. In addition, the island is also save a million memory of wars that occurred in World War 2. Because the location is quite strategic, Morotai Island became one of the base camp during the war between the Pacific allies with Japan.

And you still can find a variety of war relics including caves, grounding planes and war artifacts such as aircraft, armored vehicles and also the relics of the trinkets and even bottles of Coca-Cola from the 1940s. A total of 63 battalions landed at Cape Dehegila, Morotai Island Regency since 15 September 1944 under the leadership of the command of Commander of Division VII of the United States, Douglas MacArthur. The goal, pounding power of the Japanese soldiers who came to power in Asia, including Indonesia.

Because of this, several dive sites around the island of Morotai are stored some wreckage of World War II. The most famous Underwater wreck site is on the wreck of the Bristol Beuford, lying on depth of about 40m in the `Field Pante`, in the southern Morotai, near the village of Wama. Morotai is relatively new dive spots in Indonesia, the infrastructure is still fairly minimal, but also the number of visitors is very rare.

For those of you who like underwater adventure that challenges the `sense` with thick expedition, this location offers a journey that no one will forget. The combination of underwater walls with the romance of the history of World War II which is spread over more than 25 point dive.

Do not forget to visit the dodola island, located not far from the island of Morotai. Dodola island has a beautiful beach tourism that is very interesting, which is an island archipelago consisting of large dodola islands and small dodola. This island has a white sand beach and very beautiful, which is actually two islands are in one cluster or the land has its own appeal, when sea water was receding, we can truly enjoy the beauty of the islands attractions here and there are looks together with a connecting white sand, fine white sand, swim in the clear sea water, and take pictures decorated with blue sky, it gives more satisfaction for us to enjoy the beauty of nature here.

When sea water is tide of from the region then this looks like two islands are separated, this is the unique characteristic of the island of Morotai dodola. On this island you can see the Cave of with silent witness of a Japanese fugitive named Nakamura. In this cave Nakamura escaped and lived for 30 years ie from 1945 until 1975.

How to get there?

To reach the island of Morotai can be through three channels option
1. Using vessels from Ternate to Morotai for 12 hours, the schedule is twice a week with a rate Rp 50000.00.
2. From Ternate to Sofifi using a speed boat for 30 minutes with a rate Rp 25000.00 and then proceed by road (car) to Tobelo for four hours with the rental fee Rp 75.000,00. Pathway can be bypassed every day.
3. Using a pioneering flight from the airport Babullah Ternate to Galela and Morotai for 30 minutes with a ticket price of Rp 250.000,00 but the schedule only once a week.

Be prepare for the Indonesia Sail event of Morotai island on next September 2012 , and feel the beauty of Indonesian archipelago.


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