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Batu karas : Surfing at "Little Bali" in west java

From a distance, it appears two surfers danced over the waves that flowed toward the coast. They look so fun and enjoying the water sports, they moving to the right and left, following the flow of the waves. While on the beach, it appears some tourists was leaning enjoying the sunlight with a cold drink in hand. That was the atmosphere on the beach which is often referred to as Little Bali in western Java. Batu Karas is a living, working village which has been chosen by 'Lonely Planet' travel guide as one of Asia's most beautiful beaches for 2012 generated by the dark sand along the beach, lush greenery on the rock, and fantastic waves of the sea.

batu karas beach

Batu Karas is popular among surfers, nationally and internationally. In addition to a relatively flat beach, Batu Karas also has a small bay, so that surfers do not have to paddle too far to the starting point for wave. The main beach at Batu Karas region was named Legokpari Beach, located directly in front of the Hotel Java Cove. This beach is a favorite for beginner surfers, has waves that are not too high making it easier for every tourist who wants to try and learn to surf. While for the professional surfer, beach Bulak Bendak is the right choice. On this beach, you can get a wall of long and high waves. The Beach is surely suitable for a professional surfer.

batu karas travel destination

How to get there

Batu Karas beach is located in the village of Batu Karas Cijulang District. Batu Karas could be achieved from Pangandaran to the west. From Pangandaran we can hire a motorcycle or ride a bus majoring to Cijulang. From Cijulang continued ride motorcycles to Batu Karas. The distance from Pangandaran to Batu Karas is about 40 kilometers, or about 1 hour away by car. The road to this location is very easy, and all along the way to tourist locations are also a variety of tourist destination options such as Batu Hiu and Green Canyon (Cukang Taneuh).

The point at Batu Karas ( one of the best place to learn to surf )
Righthand pointbreak that rolls through a sand bottom bay in front of the Java Cove hotel for up to 400 metres. The takeoff is up to you: fast and hollow beyond the point, or slow and easy at the shoulder section. After takeoff the wave mellows out with workable walls through to the far end of Batu Karas bay. This is because the point had sandbottom bay with tropical warm water means user-friendly conditions. Slow peeling waves means plenty of time to work on the basics and improve your style. And the last is Long waves with different sections. Move 'up the point' as your surfing improves - rolling walls in the middle of the bay, faster & hollower at the take-off.

The reefs at Batu Karas

Righthander with an easy takeoff that leads into fast walls unraveling over a lava reef. This high tide spot can turn on some real quality with clean walls to work on your top/bottom turn combo and down-the-line speed reeling to the beach for around 150 metres. Breaks from waist high to overhead.

Other options
There's other surf options accessible by car or boat if you're up for a bit of adventure. Plenty of beachbreaks nearby, and 40 mins drive from Batu karas is a lefthand barrelly reefbreak that works on small swells and is offshore with the tradewinds from June-Sept.

As one of paradise for surfers, Batu Karas mixtured by the beauty of Batu hiu beach and Pangandaran Beach. The beach is suitable as a place to swim and surf, as Batu Karas not only offers for the calm water but also a challenging wave. Beautiful black sand beach make this location as a perfect spot for vacation and surf , because the atmosphere is quiet compared to Pangandaran or even Bali.


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