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Wayag Island : Best island from Raja Ampat


Panoramas in Raja Ampat archipelagos is quite remarkable. Islands which included in the World's best coral reef triangle is able to hypnotize every visitors who come through each every region in the Raja Ampat Islands. From many of beauty that Raja Ampat's offers, there is an island that provides perfection landsacpe and underwater scenery. The beauty of panoramas can be seen on an island called Wayag Island. Many of cluster from karst rocks scattered around the Wayag island and brought into its own characteristics, and this scenery is not owned by any other islands in Indonesia. This bring results in wayag Island as a powerful icon for tourism in the islands of Raja Ampat.

Wayag Island Scenery

Upon entering the Wayag Island, a small group of islands scattered like a beautiful maze that stretches between the crystal clear sea water. Extraordinary sensation would be created when you set sail and browse on to the archipelago of Wayag island. Small islands is so compelling, they seemed to show mutual embryo and the beauty itself to every visitor who comes. get docking in one of the beaches, and enjoy the crystal clear waters and white sand between the sea, with various types of coral reef at the bottom.

After enjoying the beauty of underwater scenery near of Wayag island, now is the time to enjoy all of the Wayag archipelagos from the hill, precisely at the peak Wayag. You will be taken to enter a typical tropical vegetation lush and very natural because the Wayag island is uninhabited . The journey that you will travel would be very adrenaline, incline with a slope of 85 degrees is ready to welcome you just before you reach the top of Wayag. Travel time should taken about 30 minutes to reach the peak of Wayag . From this peak, you can see the natural wonders of the sprawling Wayag island .

From the peak of Wayag island

How to get there

To reach the Wayag island , you must first to go to Waisai, Waisai is the capital of Raja Ampat, it takes about 3 hours from waisai to Wayag island. or you can look into our post about how to go to Raja Ampat on this link. There are a few notes you should know about Wayag Island, including:
1. The only transportation to the Wayag island is speed boat.
2. To begin your journey to the Wayag island, it should started from special port for speed boat, located around the harbor of Waisai.
3. Travel time to and leave the Wayag island is about 6 hours, while there is 2 hours time to travel. Total time for day trips around 8 hours.
4. It is not allowed to stay on the Wayag island . because there are no boats to the island every day and the unavailability homestay on the Wayag island.
5. Speed boat rents rates are approximately Rp 7.000.000, - to Rp 14.000.000, -.

Exploring the archipelagos of Wayag island

Travel tips

1. Always observe to the port of speed boat on Waisai when you first arrived. Find information about the group that will travel to the Wayag island in a week ahead. Do not forget to note the name and telephone number of the owner of speed boat to get information of Wayag island tour departure.
2. Next, Put announcements in each receptionist, specialty is for sharing to the Wayag Island.
3. You better be in one group during your trip to Raja Ampat, at least four people.
4. You better to come in around October, because on this month, there is usually a tourist event, so that transportation to the Wayag island have additions to the amount of freight.
5. Dont forget bring food for lunch during your trip to Wayag island, because the speed boat owner does not provide lunch.
6. Bring drinking water more than 1 bottle, remember that you will climb to the top wayag.


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