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Tips travel to BALI with low budget

Bali is a very large magnetic effect on tourism in Indonesia. Millions of tourists both domestic and foreign tourists as a race to enjoy the beauty of this island. Offering many choices in Bali making the island as paradise for tourists who want to relax and enjoy the experience of vacationing in Bali. Starting from a very beautiful landscape bali to the completeness of accommodation and lodging with varying prices (available cheap hotel to luxury hotel), to make every tourist feel comfortable and at ease to stay and live on this island. And to enjoy a holiday to Bali at affordable cost (low budget), you should know a few tricks while you are traveling to the island of Bali. Here are some tips and tricks that we have collected, to help you get the fun holiday with the low budget backpacker style on the island of Bali.

low budget traveler
Girls are ready to backpacking in Bali

From many tips and tricks trip to Bali with low budget, the best important thing is to plan your holiday with carefully. include:

1. how much is your budget,
To go to Bali with a low budget, you should calculate your travel budget carefully. Solution to estimate how much the right budget, you can use packages to Bali tourist brochures, journals and the experience of someone when to go to Bali (usually in the form of a blog / website), or ask your friend who has visited Bali. Accuracy in the Budget plan will help you to get the maximum vacation in Bali.

2. best time to go,
Lies on the equator, the island has a dry season and rainy season which balanced, so getting enough rainfall throughout the year in addition to the sun is shining for a long time. July, August and early September are busy months for the coming of tourists. Many foreign tourists visited Bali during the Christmas holidays. Beyond that period, fewer tourist arrivals to Bali, so the best time to enjoy Bali is in a cool dry season, starting between April and October.

3. where the best places to stay,
A place to stay which was a favorite for every people with low budget traveler and backpacker's is in Kuta Beach. Kuta beach is apart from airports which close distance from Ngurah Rai International Airport, near the Kuta beach there are available hotels with pretty good services but have very cheap rates. These hotels are located on the Poppies Lane I and II. However, the hotel in Poppies Lane area of is not served booking service before you arrival at the day. At least you should be in area of Kuta when you looking for a place to stay. The best time to look for lodging in poppies lane is in during the daytime, ranging between 11-01 o'clock , because at these hours, visitors usually do a check-out from the hotel. So you have bigger chances to get available room if you arrive at area of Kuta at noon.

4. what will you do there,
Because Poppies lane close to Kuta beach, of course you can perform a variety of beach activities like surfing, sunbathing, or enjoying the Sunset at Kuta region. Also in Poppies lane, you can satisfy your shopping desires, there are many stores that sell a variety of knick knacks of Bali. To save your budget, do the best deals you can do for all of your transactions. Both for room rental, shopping, and rental vehicles.

5. what kind of appropriate transport.

To transport around Bali with a low budget, you can rent a motorcycle. The fee was around 50 thousand rupiahs per day. You can borrow a map from the hotel or the owner of a rented bike. Please, set you own goals. Want to Tanah Lot, Sukawati or Lake Batur, it's up to you.

Remember, there are so many option to make your low budget trips more efficent in Bali, do the best thing to do and enjoy your vacation for maximum. Happy on vacation


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