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White crater lake at Ciwidey , Bandung | Indonesia

If you were traveling in bandung , it's better for you to feel the amazingness of white crater lake. Its located on the top of Mount Patuha in South Bandung. From the height of 2194 above sea level , you will enjoy the natural panoramic and the freshness of white crater lake. The green apple color of the water , brought magical intuition to everyone who seen the lake. Two craters adorn the summit of Patuha Volcano. The dry crater of Patuha crater lies 600 meters northwest of white crater lake, a crater lake with approximately 8 meters of water depth. White Crater Lake represents a relatively stable volcanic system, with no records of magmatic or phreatic activity since A.D. 1600. Surrounded by the tea plantation, white crater lake is a very prospectors tourist's destination in Bandung, west java - Indonesia.

The topology of white crater lake is in the hill's area and surrounded by high cliff fully of trees. White Crater is one of the crater with sulfur acidity highest in the world, so that the Dutch colonial government had built a factory of sulfur in this place. The uniqueness of this attraction is the white crater, the air is very cold here could even reach 0-2 degrees Celsius in certain seasons. First revealed in 1837 by a Dutch scientist named Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghun, the lake at an altitude of 2194 m above sea level with temperatures around 15-22 degrees Celsius is very stunning. Because of its uniqueness, the White crater become a tourist attraction for local tourists and foreign tourists, as well as a favorite backdrop for photographers and cinematographer . Geologically, White crater formed by the eruption of Mount Patuha activity that occurred in the XII century. Patuha name itself comes from the initial name of this mountain, Mount Sepuh (Sundanese for 'old').

After enjoying the beauty panoramic of white crater lake , don't forget to taste the typical Sundanese dishes are very evocative your appetite. Located in parking area , Saung Someah provides a variety of traditional foods Sundanese. Cheap food prices coupled with good service, Saung someah is a good choice for your lunch. If you are interesting to find something fresh , just take alook around near the parking area. So many strawberry merchant with cheaper price ( less from 1$ for a box strawberry ). Still in the parking area , you will find handycraft merchant too, with various things to buy.

How to get there
Access to the white crater lake is very easy, only about two hours with traveling distance of 30 km from the south side of Bandung. If you are from Jakarta or another town, get out in the gate of Kopo highway road, then proceed towards the capital of Bandung regency, Soreang. From there just follow the directions from road mark which wrote as CIWIDEY. And at the top of the hill , you will find the gate of white crater lake ( KAWAH PUTIH ). Driving by your own car is recommended, it's convenience because along the way, you can stop by to just take a rest, or buy strawberry, which can be easily found in this area. Fresh and considerably cheap.

To get to White crater lake , you have to pay Rp 15000 for one person and Rp 150.000 for car. If you want to make it cheaper you can park your car in the parking area and you can choose the local transport provided by perum perhutani. This only paid for Rp 25.000 per person .

Travel Tips
-. Bring your jacket and your umbrella to avoid cold and rain.
-. its better to try to picking strawberries straight from the plant near the tourist attraction with Rp 50.000 for 1 kg
-. be aware on the road to white crater lake from the entrance gate , the road its small and intricated.


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