Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tips for Choosing Car Rental

The more increasingly for companies which offering car rental services, often make us confused to determine the choice, various problems might come up if we choose a rental car that is not appropriate, such as a car is not healthy, no insurance, lack of good service and so forth. Below we try to discuss tips on renting a car or find the right car rental services.

For your convenience, select a car rental service that has been famous for its good reputation. You can use the internet to search for car rental service companies that match your criteria. We recommend choosing a car rental services that have good insurance for the car or the borrower.

Once you find the right car rental service, you can contact the car rental services, and choose the car you want to use, then dig as much information regarding all requirements. We recommend that you also can ask for an attachment on it either via fax or via email.

When a rental car arrived, note the condition of the car, the type of car that you order as well as completeness of the documents, key equipment, spare tire, and any other criteria in accordance with the agreement when you apply for a car rental. Make sure, if you can bring itself or have a driver? Do not forget to ask for business cards or car rental service numbers to be easily contacted when needed, for example, strike or other circumstances.

Example of terms and conditions applicable car rental in Bali (quoted from:

Car rental without the driver (self drive)

-. Required for every tenant, at the time of hire have a driver's license (SIM) A minimum of a valid driver's license in the State of the Republic of Indonesia ...
-. Car rental rates are calculated a days for 24 hours.
-. Excess time (over time) will be charged at 10% of the rental price per day per hour
-. Pickup and delivery at the airport is free of charge
-. Hotel pick-up and delivery area of Kuta, Tuban, Jimbaran, Nusadua, Seminyak, Denpasar, and Petitenget free of charge.
-. Pickup / delivery outside these areas will be put on the delivery cost of Rp. 100.000, - / car
-. Handover of the car can only be done if the customer can submit a valid Identification Card .
-. The use of a car can only be used in the island of Bali alone. Use of a rental car out of the island of Bali will be subject to sanctions in accordance with the provisions of the law prevailing at the car rental in Bali association under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia
-. All prices listed above already include all risk insurance.
-. Damage to the rental car (abrasions, dents) are charged only minor insurance claims of 250,000, -
-. To damage in a large capacity (cars can not operate, broken glass, etc.) will be subject to major insurance claims for car rental rates for a month.

Rent Car with Driver

-. Rent a car with chauffeur services are calculated for 10 hours, the excess time will be put on a charge of 10% of the rental price of the vehicle.
-. Damage to the vehicle that occurs due to negligence, is solely the responsibility.


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