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The uniqueness of cemetry on Trunyan, Bali

Do you know if Bali storing a very unique connection with the procession or the treatment on the corpse? There are some unique ways to treat human bodies which we witness on the island of Bali. One the most unique treatment process of bodies found in village Terunyan. Terunyan Village is part of Kintamani district located on the shores of Lake Batur . The villagers are descendants of the original Age of Bali (Original Bali). With its unique cultural aspects of treating corpses, this village became a tourist destination that is interesting enough to visit during your vacation in Bali.

Terunyan village situated on the edge of Lake Batur, Bangli District, with a History of Mount Batur will be an introduction to the journey of Terunyan cemetery village . About 40 km from the city of Denpasar. After reaching the foot of the mountain, the trip must be taken approximately 15-20 minutes by boat to get to the Village Terunyan. Indigenous Village Trunyan regulated procedures to bury its citizens. In this village there are three tomb (sema) that are intended for three different types of death. three types of graves were classified by age of the deceased, the integrity of bodies and ways of burial.

The main cemetery, considered the most holy and most good. The bodies were buried on this sacred tomb is the body remains intact, no defect, and the bodies of the death process is considered reasonable (not a suicide or accident).

The second cemetery is called a special cemetery reserved for young infants and adults who are not married. But still the condition of the corpses was should be intact and no defect.

The third grave called Sentra Bantas. This particular cemetery for the bodies of defects and who died from accidents or suicide.

Of the three types of tombs the most unique and interesting is the main cemetery or sacred tombs (Setra wayah). This cemetery is located about 400 meters in the north of the village to the foot of the cliff ridge bounded by hills. To bring the corpses to the cemetery had to use a special bodies dinghy called Pedau. Although called a buried, but the unique way of funeral, which is known as mepasah.

What makes the cemetery in  village of Terunyan being Unique ?

When you enter village Terunyan cemetery, then you will see human skulls lined up on a large stone basin which has 7 pieces. Then look on around you, the rows of conical woven bamboo, lined with the corpses inside. Perhaps, some questions will immediately arise in your mind, like: Is this body not in the grave? why these corpses do not stink?

Almost in some parts of the world, the form of burying of the corpses are usually in a way inserted into the ground. But in this Terunyan village corpses that have been through the process of the ceremony, placed over the hole as deep as 20cm, with a conical woven bamboo is used as a fence. Another uniqueness is, corpses lying on the ground does not stink, although the natural decomposition process that occurs in each of corpses is ongoing.

This is the main attraction for the tourists when visiting these tourist sites. Well, supposedly why, in the forest area there is a known named Tarumenyan tree, this tree is believed to locals who absorb the stench of bodies that undergo a process of decay. Miraculous! which can release fragrance and is able to neutralize the smell of rotting corpses. As for the meaning which is Taru means trees, incense means fragrant. Tarumenyan tree, only growing in this area. Be a Tarumenyan who later better known as Trunyan which is believed as the origin of the name of the village.

To get to the cemetery in the village of Terunyan, Bali, should be pass through the lake Batur with a distance of 20 minutes. Visitors can use a motor boat for Rp400.000. The boat was able to carry seven passengers. The combination of luster of the blue water of Lake Batur with a background of towering Mount Batur. Coupled with the cool air temperature, making the atmosphere more beautiful. Visiting the Village Terunyan better if performed in summer, so there is no rain or fog blocking the road when crossing into the village.


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