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The simplest way to determine Indonesia original Batik

The simplest way to determine the originally Batik from Indonesia is to make sure that Batikmark is listed in batik which you will buy.During its development, batik is known worldwide as a very prominent characteristic. Several countries are trying to learn the making process of batik Indonesia, for example Malaysia. They bring batik artisans from Indonesia, studied the making process of batik and imitating batik designs originating from Indonesia, then they try to create new motives to show Batik with typical Malaysian culture.

Along with the development of batik which is not native from Indonesia, this is certainly going to complicate the fans of batik to determine the native culture of Indonesian batik. The Indonesian government has nominated Javanese batik-patterned textile to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO)’s list of intangible cultural heritage, and was inaugurated in October 2009, besides keris and wayang.

The government was made a certification mark, called “Batikmark”, through its Department of Industry (Departemen Perindustrian RI) that can be applied to properly certified Indonesian batik products. “Batikmark” was introduced by the Indonesian Department of Industry through its Ministerial Decree (Peraturan Menteri Perindustrian RI) No. 74/MIND/PER/9/2007.

With “Batikmark”, Indonesia somewhat combines the concepts of collective and certification marks. Under the Indonesian Ministerial Decree, only batik manufacturers who already sell their products under a registered trademark can obtain a “Batikmark” certification. The manufacturer’s products also must pass a series of tests conducted by the National Standardization Agency (Badan Standardisasi Nasional). Products that pass their tests are considered to conform to the “Indonesian National Standard” (Standar Nasional Indonesia).

The manufacturer receives a certification upon passing the tests. If the manufacturer is eligible, they can then file a written request, attached with its company profile, to the head of the Yogyakarta Grand Handicraft and Batik House (Balai Besar Kerajinan dan Batik). Yogyakarta Grand Handicraft and Batik House is an institution authorized by the Ministerial Decree to perform additional tests on the batik-patterned textile. The Batik Institution will then perform tests in their laboratories.

The aim of the tests is to assure that the textile meets the certification standards of the batik-patterned textile. The qualifications include reviewing: the materials applied to the textile, the pattern, the dyeing technique, and the textile quality. If the batik-patterned textiles pass the tests then the manufacturer will be eligible to obtain a numbered “Batikmark” certification.

This certification is valid for three years and can be renewed. The certification is in the form of a label printed “Batik Indonesia” that is placed in every single product of batik-patterned textile that has been certified. This label has been copyrighted in the Indonesian Copyright office.


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